6 Differences Positive Energy Makes in the Workplace (You’ll Never Guess #6)

Positive Energy in the Workplace


Overlooking how much of an impact positive energy can bring to your life is a HUGE mistake.

Whether it be in the workplace, at home with family or out with friends, a captivating positive energy can make all the difference in someones life.

The last ten years have been tough times in the workplace. With all the uncertainty in the economy the need for positive energy in the work environment has been very clear. It is far too easy to slip into negativism, criticism and depression when we see our friends and coworkers being laid off or downsized. Are there any differences positive energy makes in the workplace under these circumstances?


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It’s too easy to get down when you see your neighbors packing up because they lost their house. The best thing you can do for yourself and your coworkers is to develop and maintain a positive energy level in your office.

As a leader your energy can have an immense effect on your staff and your office place. Your energy has that kind of power. How you contribute to your office environment is vital. It is even more important at times than what you contribute to your office environments. You need to consider how your energy contributes to the success of a meeting, a presentation or the entire workday in your office.

This is important because though we are in control of how we exhibit or project our own energy as positive or negative, we are not in control of how we are affected by other people’s negative energy. However, according to the National Seminars Training you can learn to combat negative energy and inject positive energy into your environment.

Here are some of the real life differences positive energy makes in the workplace.

  1. Reduces Stress: The environment in the workplace seems inherently stressful under the current circumstances. However, you control your own perception and energy flow so that you can change your perception to a positive one and in so doing eliminate the stress for yourself. Your positive energy will wear off on the others in your workplace and the stress level of the entire workplace will be reduced.
  2. Energy: Improving the energy in your office will improve your relationship with your customers and the amount of sales you and your team make. This may sound like a myth or wishful thinking but it is in fact a true statement. Customers like everyone else want to be around the positive energy, not negative. Research shows that positive thinking can result in abundance in all areas of life. (Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill)
  3. Positivity: Help your coworkers and your staff to have a more positive attitude. Your positive energy is contagious and will spill over to your staff. At the same time you don’t have to be a supervisor or manager for your positive energy to have an impact on those around you in the work environment. If you stay focused on the positive and continue to steer others and every conversation to the positive, your energy will infect the workplace with a spirit of positivity. Soon you will find yourself at the center of the workplace because the other workers will be drawn to your positive energy. Soon these employees will begin to infect others with their positive energy and it will spread throughout the workplace.
  4. Motivate: Improve the motivation and accomplishments of your coworkers and yourself, as well as anyone you might supervise. Now you might think this is the same as number 3 but it is not. Number 3 relates to the type and level of energy being spread throughout the office, not to the motivation. Here we are talking about how your positive energy can cause others to be motivated to succeed in their endeavors and in the challenges they face in the workplace. If you face your workplace challenges with positive energy that will not seem insurmountable.
  5. Productivity: Productivity increases and sick time decreases. This is one of the benefits of positive energy that management just loves when they believe in it. When stress is reduced there are a lot of positive benefits and this is just one of them. As the positive energy flows through the workplace more and more employees will be infected with it. A positive spirit will capture the environment and everyone will feel better and there will be less sick days.
  6. Happiness: You will find yourself in a happy workplace! How do you go from all the negativity surrounding the economy to a happy workplace? The answer is spreading positive energy. The more positive the environment becomes, the more happiness there will be in it. Just imagine wanting to get up in the morning and being excited about going to work! Oh alright – at least be happy about going to work! This one of the differences positive energy makes in the workplace really surprises most people. Most people can get improved motivation, productivity, attitude and stress reduction, but happiness??? We think we need things to make us happy not energy. But the truth is if you spread positive energy throughout your work environment, people will be happy!


What sort of impact has positive energy played in your life? Share your life experiences in the comments below!

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