Uh Oh! Signs You’re About to be Let Go: Here’s How to Avoid It

You heard rumors around work that the company is going to be letting some people go.

The layoffs are coming.

Are you going to be one of them?

Maybe your company isn’t laying a bunch of people off, but your last review wasn’t great and you’re not getting good vibes about your job anymore.

You’re nervous, but not sure how to tell if you’re going to be let go or not. Stop worrying and check these signs. If you’re not seeing these signs you probably don’t need to worry, but should step up your performance. If you are seeing these signs here’s how to avoid getting let go.


Your Job Responsibilities Have Disappeared

This is a bad sign. If you used to be leading teams on big projects and now you’re getting coffee and making mail runs it’s a sign you are about to be let go. When an employer takes away responsibilities from an employee it means they no longer trust them. It also means the employee was doing a poor job. Even if the company isn’t headed to the conference room for a meeting on who to layoff, you could still get fired.

Your responsibilities should increase with the length of time of your employment. Anytime that decreases there is cause for concern. A lack of responsibilities means it will be easier to fire you because the employer will already have other employees doing your old work.

What to do: Work your butt off. Get to work early every day. Go above and beyond with the responsibilities and job tasks you do have. Stay late if you can. Don’t take any days off. Show your appreciation and enthusiasm for your job.

You Suddenly Disappear

Not literally, of course, but your boss and work colleagues start avoiding you. That’s a huge sign that you’re about to be let go. No one wants to talk to you or look you in the eye. It’s uncomfortable and awkward.

What to do: Confront your employer about the situation. Ask to meet with him or her at their earliest convenience and let them know that you feel like people are avoiding you. Give examples. Ask for feedback from your boss. Create an opportunity to turn it around and avoid getting let go.

You’ve Been Disciplined Recently

So, you messed up recently and the boss noticed. If you’re always late, don’t do well, take too many days off, don’t sell enough, etc. you have to know that you are on the road to being let go, especially if you’re in a meeting with your boss about your poor job performance.

What to do: Accept the truth. Right now, you’re not a good employee. Starting tomorrow you will be. Show up 15 minutes early every day. That’s considered on time in the professional world. Stay focused during your work hours. Do your job well. Avoid taking any days off. Keep your nose down and avoid conflict with colleagues. You can turn this around.

Your Company Has Merged or Been Bought Out

This is a flashing sign that layoffs are about to go around. The bigger company will most likely already have someone that does your job. This creates a duplicate position that needs to be eliminated, and that means one of you has to go. It’s usually you, because you’ll stay for a while to get the new employee adjusted to your specific work and daily tasks, and then they’ll let you go.

What to do: Start looking for another job. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do here but move on to another company.

Writing Your Job Description

It’s odd that employers do this, but before they fire an employee they will ask them to write their job description including skills and experience needed, daily tasks, etc. It may seem obvious reading about it now, but many employees don’t see this huge sign of being let go.

They’re asking you to write it so they can use it in a job post. Yikes!

What to do: Ask why you need to write your job description. Sometimes employers do this so they can analyze everyone’s work at the company. They really just want to see what everyone is contributing. Sometimes they have this information, but need it updated so they ask you to write it. If the company is looking for ways to cut costs they might be asking all employees to do this to see if they can eliminate any positions. Again, there isn’t much you can do to avoid getting let go in this situation. Show your strengths and what you contribute to the company. Be indispensible so they fear letting you go.

Do your job to the best of your abilities and always work on going above and beyond to be an asset to your employer to avoid getting let go.

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