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If you want to sell or model for a lifestyle department store company, Spencer’s should be right up your alley. This company sells almost all novelty items that you could ever think of; from rock and roll apparel, gag presents, custom made graphic shirts, house décor, sensual health products, and Halloween costumes to collectible items.

Spencer’s is a kind of company that you’d work for if you’re into these kinds of things, which other people may find to be a combination of awesomeness and bizarre. So start prepping up your Spencer’s application form to begin a cool career that awaits you.

Applying to Spencer’s Gifts Online

To keep things much more convenient and simple, Spencer’s presents you a job app network site where you can apply online. It generally involves two steps; registration and the selection process. You are to register to this website if you wish to apply to the company at a faster speed.

Find the steps to building an online profile below:

  • You can find the link that will carry you to the job site at the bottom section of the company’s eCommerce site here. Search for the job application tab below and click it.
  • Once you get there, click the “start here” button below to begin filling-out the form.
  • Encoding all of the required personal and contact information is part of the online registration process so you should be willing to do so.
  • Just continue clicking the “next” button once you are through with answering the questions asked from you. Expect to enter all information related to your preferred work schedule, employment history, and education background and character references.
  • If you completed this properly, you must have your email address verified by the company in order to begin receiving job notifications and alerts.

Once you have set up your profile successfully, you can now apply to different Spencer’s jobs that you want. You can use your account’s dashboard to view status updates regularly plus you will be given access to see the latest career opportunities.

You can click here to begin registering an account with Spencer’s. And then, use the job search engine site here to search for relevant jobs. You can browse either by location or by category so you can sort out the results according to your interests.

Company Background

Spencer’s Gifts, LLC began as a mail-order directory start-up in 1947 in North America. It specializes in selling novelty goods of wide selections. Almost two decades later, the company had the resources to open its first brick and mortar store finally in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

However, the lifestyle goods retailer was acquired by MCA shortly after its first opening in NJ. Spencer’s has since in good hands as MCA was a strong conglomerate of entertainment companies. The said conglomerate was acquired by Seagram Company, or most commonly referred to as Universal Studios, in 1995.

This business acquisition had brought some significant changes in Spencer’s overall growth. It was able to establish its presence in UK and Canada under the Universal Studios management. Also part of the expansion was the acquisition of a Halloween seasonal merchandise which is now called Spirit Halloween.

When Universal Studios was bought by Vivendi in 2001, it has undergone changes in the management as it was supposed to be re-branded as Vivendi Universal Entertainment LLLP. In 2003 another amalgam of investors; Gordon Brothers Group, GB Palladin and Palladin Capital Group bought Spencer’s Gifts and has since appointed Steven Silverstein as its CEO.

During the first year of CEO Silverstein’s leadership, four stores have been added into the company’s store base. These stores were opened in Iowa, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Spencer’s also began establishing its base in Puerto Rico as it added three more units in Plaza del Norte, Las Catalinas Mall and Montehiedra Town Center. However, two of these store units are now closed.

Today, Spencer’s enjoys having more than 600 stores throughout North America plus an ecommerce website to cater to the needs of its customers worldwide. The Halloween division still continues to operate under a new name Spirit Halloween Superstore. And the global headquarter office is located near Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

Spencer’s Gifts offer the following variety of products;

  • Clothing articles
  • Sensual Health Products
  • Fun and Games
  • Home and Dorm Decoration
  • Custom t-shirts

It is also worth mentioning that the company is somewhat trying to channel rock, punk and ghetto styles through their trendy products. So if this company resonates with your personality you should then find working for Spencer’s exciting and interesting.

Employment at Spencer’s Gifts

At Spencer’s, you will discover the wildest and most hilarious merchandise ever made on this planet. Its products are always meant to entertain and an eye-pleaser. So Spencer’s employees typically have fun at work while being able to serve various customers as they shop at the store.

There are good opportunities at the company, most of which are related to customer service such as in-store positions. You can pick among the 600 stores in the US and Canada where you can work and begin a lifestyle-changing career (in a good way).

Spencer’s mission has been meaning to show “Life’s a Party, We’re Makin’ it Fun!”. And as a team member, it will be one of your responsibilities to make sure that your customers are indeed having fun through your friendly conversations with them.

Additionally, regular employees are likely to receive a comprehensive benefits and salary package to ensure a stable future.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Submit an accomplished Spencer’s application form via online or walk-in
  • Must be willing to work in a shifting schedule

Store Hours

Mondays through Saturdays: 10AM to 9PM

Sundays: 12PM to 5 PM

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Available Job Openings

As a large retail chain company, Spencer’s is interested in hiring applicants that seek opportunities related to sales associate, store management, retail and corporate positions. Its store unites nationwide is in constant hiring for store members, and so you can visit a nearby location to hand over your resume and schedule an interview.

In the meantime, take a look at these current job openings at Spencer’s.


  • Store Manager
  • Sales Supervisor
  • Assistant Manager

Corporate Office

  • Human Resources Officer
  • Real Estate
  • Store Operations
  • IT
  • Planning & Distribution
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Merchandise
  • Logistics
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Construction
  • Creative Services
  • eCommerce

Distribution Center (DC)

Before applying to any of these Spencer’s jobs, you must be willing to work at Pineville, NC.

  • DC Associates
  • Seasonal Associates
  • Warehouse
  • Purchasing
  • Supply Chain Management

Modeling Career with Spencer’s

You could be the next face of the company, representing its brand across North America. It is always on the hunt for fresher faces to model their lively and cool products. As such, you must also be an outgoing, full of life and dynamic person to be able to voice out their brand message.

Here are the requirements:

  • Submit your full name, age, measurements, height, contact info and location via email at BeASpencersModel@spencergifts.com
  • Together with your information, you are to submit two photos in JPEG file format; 2MB size max – one head shot (close up) and one full body shot – via email.
  • You must be 18 years old and above
  • You must be willing to attend weekday appointments
  • You must give the company rights to distribute your photos in print and/or online publication by signing a waiver.

Overall, to view the complete job listing, click here.

Job Application Tips

Expect to undergo a one-on-one undergo with a manager when applying to Spencer’s. You must dress up, especially if you are applying to a managerial and modeling position. The hiring manager is particularly interested in employing individuals with an outgoing and friendly personality.

As for store associates, they are normally interviewed once and if successful, they may get a job offer right on the spot. So the selection process may take only a week compared to corporate positions that may take 3 weeks or longer before a final decision has to be made.

More importantly, to help you build confidence and comfort, make sure to wear casual business attire for your job interview. You should look professional yet don’t do away from the “wild and outrageous” image of the retail company.

Direct Competitors

However cool Spencer’s may sound to others, you might still find its line of products and brand a bit out of your comfort zone. So, you might as well look into the opportunities available at other department stores like Target. It’s a major department store so you will have a lot more job options.

Dillards is another example of a classic retail chain company, should you wish to have a conventional type of in-store job. It offers signature brands related to cosmetics, home décor and other general merchandise.

Employee Benefits

Full-time associates do enjoy receiving a comprehensive benefit package that features the following remuneration:

  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Merchandise discount
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Work-life balance in a dynamic and fun work environment
  • Paid sick, vacation and holiday leave
  • Health and Medical insurance coverage
  • Competitive wages

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