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Considering a career in the retail industry? Fill out a Big Lots application today. Big lots jobs will also appeal to you if you have kids and want a job that gives you enough time to look after them. And since you don’t necessarily need prior experience, Big Lots career opportunities are also suited for those who need a new job.

Big Lots is the largest broad line closeout retailer in North America, offering customers the best deals on a variety of consumer products ranging from housewares, furniture, electronics, tools, toys, and gift items.

Big Lots jobs will not only help you jumpstart your career in the retail industry, but there are ample opportunities for you to work your way up to management levels.

The best part is that employees are treated really well, as the company has a consistent work policy across the company. You also get employee discounts, which means you can get quality household items at affordable rates.

As a Big Lots employee, you will be responsible for following company policy and providing the best service in your respective location.

Big Lots Form for Employment

Before moving on, you should know that Big Lots forms are only available for management positions. This is because the company receives multitudes of employment forms for general retail positions on a regular basis, and these become hard to manage.

So if you want to apply as a retail worker, there are no Big Lots employment forms available online. However, this actually proves to be a blessing in disguise.

Since you will be visiting the store physically, you will be able make a great impression that an application cannot create. Thus you will get a chance to personify your resume. And this also goes to show that even at the lowest levels, Big Lots puts in efforts to bring out the best employees.

Coming back to Big Lots employment forms for management and operations personnel, these are available at the company’s website. Just follow this link. Here you can apply for different positions depending on your skills and experience, such as positions in HR, IT, finance, operations, and marketing. In addition, you can also get internships opportunities.

Filling out a Big Lots application hardly takes any times. Just enter the kind of the position you are interested in along with some personal information, and that’s it. And don’t hesitate in taking chances. Apply for multiple positions or multiple locations.

Things you Should Know Before Submitting

To maximize the chances of your application being considered by the company, you need to learn a few things before filling it up. Here are some significant pointers that you need to keep in mind before submitting:

Big Lots Application Form

Minimum Age for Applying at Big Lots

For in-store retail jobs at Big Lots, the minimum age for employment is 16 years. You can simply enter a Big Lots location and then apply. The same goes for college students who are seeking internships to enhance their resumes. Big Lots only looks at talent and not the age, so if you are hard working and competent, your chances of employment are quiet high.

Working Hours

While Big Lots has locations across North America, none of these are independently franchised. Hence, the working hours are the same at all locations. On weekdays (Monday till Friday), stores are open from 9 am to 9 pm. On weekends, stores are open for customers from 9 am to 9pm and on Sundays, from 10 am to 7pm.

Big Lots offer flexible work shifts, which is especially beneficial for parents and college students. Even if you have an important errand to run, your supervisor will be willing to reschedule your shift. This is one reason why you shouldn’t delay in sending out your form today.

Available Positions at Big Lots

Big Lots career opportunities are promising and diverse, helping you to get the necessary training and experience that will help you excel in the retail industry. You can start at entry level as a retail worker or a cash register operator, and then move on to management jobs in accounting, taxation, IT, and distribution departments. Thus, Big Lots accommodates a workforce with diverse skills, which in turn ensures that you will find a job that matches your aptitude.

Direct Competitors

Big Lots never ceases to surprise me with its varied selection of products and the incredibly low prices on all the items. The best part about it, is that the selection is always changing. It is truly an ever evolving store and one well worth applying to. When looking into a career in retail, it is also recommended that you apply to Family Dollar which is one of the strongest dollar store chains in the world. Applying to Kmart will give you an in at one of the biggest retailers, and since we’ve applied to Family Dollar, we need to get you in on Dollar General. The best thing you can do when applying is to find where the dots connect and apply to everything in between. We’re here with a map for you, and we’ve got you covered! 

Employment Information

In order to find a job that goes in line with your education and work experience, you need to know the details of all the job openings at Big Lots. Here are some details on the various positions that you can hope to get at Big Lots:

Entry Level

At the entry level, jobs include:

  • Customer services reps
  • Stockers
  • Retail workers
  • Cash register operators

All these jobs warrant different skill sets and help you progress in the respective fields. For instance, if you apply as a customer services representative, you will gain ample exposure that will help you in a future human resource post. As far as the pay is concerned, entry-level Big Lots jobs earn you the minimum wage, but you will be able to increase your paycheck if you prove to be a quality employee to the company.

Management Job Opportunities

As mentioned above, Big Lots being a Fortune 500 company offers impressive opportunities for people who are seeking management jobs. You can work as a general or assistant manager in the following departments:

  • Information Technology
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Distribution and Transportation

You can apply for management positions at both corporate and local level. When filling out the form Big Lots, do specify your experience with the position you are applying for. As far as the pay scale is concerned, in-store assistant managers can make anything from $22,000 to $60,000.

An operations manager can expect to make around $40,000 annually, and a store team leader can earn $80,000 per year. These salaries, for the most part, are above the market average, which is yet another reason for you to pursue Big Lots career opportunities.

Tips and Suggestions for Applying at Big Lots

Prior preparation always helps you job prospects. For entry-level jobs, you have to visit the store in person. Consider the following pointers to help you make a great impression:

  • Wear a nice dress, i.e. clean, pressed formal clothes
  • Try to speak directly to the manager and introduce yourself nicely
  • Be prepared to give comprehensive answers to questions regarding your skills, work experience, and personality

When you are applying for a management job, keep the following things in mind:

  • Make sure your resume is fully updated
  • Make your work and education details relevant to a Fortune 500 retail company

Remember that even if you are unable to win that desired post, apply for another job or internship at Big Lots. You may not get the same pay, but your resume will look pretty good as you are getting the experience of working for a Fortune 500 company.

Pay attention to these pointers, because Big Lots receives hundreds of applications every now and then. The more you will be able to stand out and show that your skills are valuable to the company, the greater your chances of securing a job.

Big Lots Employee Benefits

Along with flexible hiring at entry level and attractive salaries at the management level, Big Lots career opportunities also bring you a lot of employee benefits. These include:

  • Health and dental coverage
  • Life coverage
  • 401(K) plan
  • Disability
  • Paid sick leaves
  • Vacation days

A notable benefit of working at Big Lots is that they offer educational assistance, making this the perfect company to work for as you make your way through college. This only goes to show that Big Lots places great value on its workforce, taking care of their financial needs so they can work wholeheartedly on the job. Not every company presents such opportunities.

Big Lots – Intriguing Company Facts

  • Big Lots is the largest closeout retailer in North America, offering a vast range of products
  • The company also takes items from other stores as well
  • Their headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio
  • The company started in 1969 and now Big Lots operates 1,400 stores in 48 states, along with stores in Canada

While learning these facts is not necessary, they will give you some leverage during your interviews. You can make additional effort and get membership on their website to see how it works, and also keep track of their latest financial news. This will show your employer that you have done your homework.