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Food Lion grocery store offers a wide range of employment opportunities in a number of locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states. You can find one of Food Lion’s 1,000 grocery stores all throughout Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia.

The qualifications and eligibility to submit a Food Lion Application are fairly simple and straight forward. While not very popular, Food Lion grocers is an excellent place for young individuals to start earning a wage and for young adults to grow their management career. An applicant must be at least 18 years old and above to apply for a respective position or field of work.

Careers at Food Lion are classified into three divisions.

  • Retail Careers – There are many store employment opportunities spread all over the region that the company offers, with over 70,000 associate brands.
  • Corporate Careers – With the aim of reaching a diverse customer base, Food Lion has a wide variety of opportunities to offer to qualifying applicants in this department.
  • Distribution Center Careers – The company has seven main distribution centers which cover both the distributional and transportation tasks to all of its 70,000 associates. These distributional centers have become good platforms for job seekers and offer a wide range of career opportunities.

Most of the available job opportunities with Food Lion are listed online. Before you submit an employment form be sure to read through the tips and tricks we have provided so you are well prepared.

Within the retail division of the grocery store are the primary job titles that are available for you to apply for:

  • Customer service representative
  • Sales associate
  • Store specialist
  • Assistant store Keeper
  • District manager
  • Security guard
  • Maintenance technician

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Working for a grocery store under any department lets one enjoy competitive and comprehensive advantages that includes medical attention, dental, life insurance programs and disabilities.

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The benefits that one can get from working under the departmental store umbrella include the ability to be under flexible schedules as well as receiving competitive salary in the industry.  Performance-based merits, overtime pay offs, and recognition programs are just some of the other benefits that one could get as part of their compensation and reward programs for working with the company.

The company also boasts itself an inspiring work environment for its employees where they can do the best of their work with the help of the dedicated team.

Why Work for a Supermarket?

  1. Job security
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Retirement Plans
  4. Supermarkets hire and raise from within
  5. Training for employees
  6. Low pressure environment
  7. Interaction with customers and helping them
  8. Experience can lead to more career opportunities

Applying for a job means that you need to get started with you preparation. Among the first things you should do is have a deeper understanding of the organization you are applying to. This will help you grasp what the company is about and how to go about writing a tailored resume and application for that employer.

Direct Competitors

The name Food Lion alone is enough to instill you with a sense of power and reliability. Why, you ask? Well, lions tend to be master hunters and gatherers, if any animal is capable of owning a grocery store, it’s a lion. So, you’ve decided to apply for a position at a grocery store. Very smart, why not make it a genius move though and apply to more places like it? There’s really no reason not to, so let’s start with Family Dollar. A simple business model, but a successful chain and a great place to work. Next up, Walgreens where you find just about one of everything under one roof. Lastly, do not forget to apply to Walmart, as it is one of the best places to work and always accepting new help because they are always growing.

Company Profile

  • Background – Food Lion, LLC was founded in Salisbury, North Carolina in the year 1957. Food Lion is now a subsidiary of the Delhaize Group, which is based in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Number and Outlets – By far, Food Lion is the largest operating supermarket company in the United Sates. It has about 1,300 supermarkets all over the country. Many of these are direct entities; others are through affiliations with various departmental stores. These are popular with names such as Harveys, Bottom Dollar, Reid’s, Bloom and with the actual brand name, Food Lion.
  • Product Line – The product line at Food Lion consists of a range of over 28,000 products. Out of these, about 2,900 are particular brand products titled, ‘Food Lion’.
  • Employees – Food Lion employs approximately 73,000 employees in the country.
  • Locations – Food Lion has its outlets in 11 states in all. These include; South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, Delaware and Maryland.

The Way to Success

The reason behind Food Lion’s success is its principle-based philosophy of providing its customers with a value-ridden experience. The company successfully achieves this experience by presenting quality goods to the customers at amazing prices that are hard to ignore. Food Lion creates an environment for their consumer that is healthy with its specification to cleanliness, friendly customer service, and convenience of locality.

Some of the other factors of why Food Lion sustains its popularity are due to the following:

  • It provides the best quality of products range
  • The stores offer national and regional brand products
  • Quality Assurance
  • Affordable Prices
  • Efficient operating and technical systems
  • Maintaining synchronized databases
  • Attractive architecture and modern interiors

Knowing the success story of a company is important, as it helps you to understand how working for that organization will benefit you.

Why Apply?

One of the questions you are going to ask yourself is why you should apply? This question is important for your career and it should be considered every time you apply for a job. Other than the basic reason being the monetary return, you should be looking for employee benefits.

A lot of people wonder what employee benefits are. Simply put; employee benefits include just not your pay package but also what other paybacks and perks you get out of your job.

Employee Benefits

Some of the benefits you should be thinking about are:

  • Continuous training programs
  • Specialized Certification Programs
  • Active support from the HR
  • Opportunities for promotion
  • Family-like work environment
  • Market-competitive salaries
  • Compensation packages, etc.

Why is it important to know about the employee benefits before applying for the job? This is because it helps you decide which place is best suitable for you to work at.

A place that not only nourishes you, but educates you as well so that you may progress and have a sound salary automatically becomes an employee-magnet.

Their Ideal Employee

Every organization has its values that become the backbone of their work ethics and the uniform character of their associates.

The core values of any organization therefore are such that they become a part and parcel of the employee once they are initiated into the system. More importantly, these principles become the key factors for the company when they are hiring.

Knowing what are these morals that the company so religiously follows is key to planning your Food Lion Application. Some of the foundation principles on which the structure of this organization is built are as follows:

  1. A Work Ethic

Having a work ethic does not just mean that the person does their job and gets it done and over with. In fact it goes beyond that. The term means that the individual does everything in his power to do his job to the best of his abilities and by following the best practices the company sees fit.

  1. Diversity

Food Lion is open to all and everybody in the United States as long as they fit the job criteria. They value and highly respect diversity to an extent that they encourage it in their offices as well at the outlets.

  1. Integrity

Food Lion expects and requires its associates to work with honesty, truthfulness, honor and reliability. All of these stated qualities constitute a character that has its integrity intact and therefore is fair in his dealings with colleagues and customers alike.

  1. Learning

At the company, the employees are required to have a willingness to learn. Only then can an individual learn the ropes of the job and begin his journey upward in the hierarchy of the company. Learning is the stepping-stone to securing any job.

  1. Inclusion

Through diversity, Food Lion is able to put into action the inclusion theory. Keeping this in mind, plenty of ideas can be accumulated with different mindsets. By doing so, ideas can be formulated into new action plans, which can subsequently and eventually result in new and innovative systems and process. This novelty would peak sales and bring popularity to the brand.

  1. Development

Your employment form should include all of these factors including the last but not the least, development. Development is a continuous process and hence cannot be measured in time with days, weeks or even years.

This company focuses a great deal on the development of the organization, its brands and the associates. For this reason, utmost commitment is required. Therefore, when applying at Food Lion for a job you should align your character with these above-mentioned qualities.

How to Fill Out and Submit your Food Lion Employment Form

Food Lion applicants should incorporate these points in their submission:

  • The company website has an application that allows you to fill out the application online.
  • Additionally, as the application has the tool to let you upload your CV or other documents, you can work on these keeping the points discussed above. Remember, your application should be analogous to the company’s motto.
  • Add a cover letter along with the CV. If you do not want to include a cover letter, you could always add a professional summary within the resume, which is usually placed right at the beginning of the CV.
  • Some of the common positions to apply for at Food Lion are that of an associate in the departments, assistant managers or other higher managerial positions.
  • This resource will shed some light on the benefits and opportunities.