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The company that started in Tennessee is on the right track for success, but they still need to make a few changes in order for them to progress efficiently. Below, you will find a link that will enable you to submit a Dollar General Application if you’re interested in employment at a Dollar General store, which can be considered a rewarding career.

If you’re a military veteran that served in Iraq or Afghanistan, you’ll be happy to know that Dollar General has announced that they are actively seeking and hiring veterans to work at many of their locations. They want people to work at Dollar General Stores, Dollar General Distribution Centers and even Dollar General Corporate Offices.

Right now is the perfect time to apply.

If you’re a veteran and you would like to work in a management position, you may find that Dollar General is a great place to get your start, as they have announced that they are offering entry-level management positions and they’re giving special considerations to veterans. While filling out your application form, you’ll notice that you have to list your level of education.

The founder of Dollar General was actually illiterate until he entered adulthood. Therefore, the founder requires that all applicants have received a proper education at some point in their past.

Dollar General excels when it comes to providing employees with proper training. Dollar General will make sure that each new employee is properly trained by a professional. They also offer an incentive program that will help you achieve your goals within the company.

If all of the above sounds good to you, make sure you scroll down to find the employment form in both English and Spanish languages, that way you can get started on your new career today. Dollar General has recently added hundreds of more stores throughout the United States, so right now is the perfect time to apply for an open position at Dollar General.

Dollar General Employment Information

Below, you will find a link that will enable you to submit an application form online. It’s never been easier to submit a job application online. As stated above, DG has decided to open a ton of new stores to the public, so they’re in dire need of new employees for various positions. If you would rather submit online rather than going to the store’s location, you can go to the link below to get started.

Download and print here.

Dollar General Application

Minimum Age Requirement

If you want to submit a Dollar General Application and be considered for employment at a Dollar General Store or warehouse, you will have to be at least 18 years of age.

Hours of Operation

If you’re curious as to the hours of operation for your local Dollar General store, you will have to contact the store and ask them for the exact information. Each Dollar General location has different hours of operation.

Income & Career Information for Entry-Level Dollar Positions

If you want a career at DG, your first step should be submitting an application. In order for Dollar General to operate efficiently, each store and warehouse needs a certain number of employees. Currently, Dollar General would love to fill positions with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Therefore, if you’re a veteran, you should submit for consideration as soon as possible.

New Dollar General stores are starting to open up in the southwest and northeast areas. Therefore, Dollar General is in dire need of sales associates in these specific areas. As for the northeast and Midwest regions, Dollar General Distribution positions are in surplus. If you would like to land a management position, you’ll be happy to know that Dollar General is accepting applications at practically all of their locations, but you do have to have a certain amount of experience.

If you are bilingual, you should make a note of the languages you speak on your form. Doing this will increase your chances of landing a job at Dollar General.

Management Positions

As stated above, Dollar General opened 800+ new stores in the United States back in 2012. In other words, they’re looking for applicants to fill the following positions:

  • Store Managers
  • District Managers
  • Logistic Specialists
  • Distribution Center Managers
  • Office Associates

As a store manager, you will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following job duties:

  • Hiring
  • Firing
  • Team Motivation
  • Training Fellow Employees

Possession of the follows skills is preferred:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Customer Interaction Skills
  • Employee Interaction Skills

If you’re a store manager living in California, you will have to familiarize yourself with hourly employment laws, as you will be subject to them. As an assistant store manager, you will be expected to be able to run the store efficiently on your own. That way, if a problem ever arises, you will be able to step in and take control of the store if needed. Therefore, as an assistant store manager at Dollar General, you will be required to possess the same skill set as a store manager.

District manager positions are also available in certain locations. As a district manager, you will oversee store associates, managers and assistant managers. There’s no better time to submit a application today if you’re interested in a management position.

Direct Competitors

While working for Dollar General is a great decision for yourself and your livelihood, there are other notable department store jobs you can apply to. Applying for an open position at Walmart will allow you to work for a world renowned company that takes good care of its employees. Another dollar store that has made a name for itself is Family Dollar. Working for Family Dollar or Dollar Tree are stable companies that offer competitive wages and benefits for their employees. Wherever you decide to apply and work for, we’ll help guide you along your employment career.

Dollar General Basic Tips

There are certain things that you have to keep in mind when applying for certain positions. For instance, if you’re applying for a position as a distribution center, you will need to be experienced with operating certain equipment, such as forklifts. If you have experience driving or repairing any other types of heavy machinery or equipment, you should make a note of it on your resume.

As a store associate or a store manager, you will have to possess teamwork skills, as you will be expected to work together in order to run the store efficiently. Therefore, Dollar General is looking for applicants that know how to work well within a team environment and have the ability to both inspire and motivate the people around them.

When filling out the employment form, you need to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward, so to speak. In other words, make sure you highlight what skills you do possess and note the abilities you do have. Focus on your positives, rather than your negatives.

It’s important that you take the time necessary to fill it out in its entirety. Try your best to make sure that you do not leave any fields blank on the application. Always do a thorough review of any job application before submitting it.

Make sure that your employment history information and references section is accurate. You would be surprised at how many people fill out these sections on applications with misinformation. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you have accurate information, you should get in contact with previous employers and your references and have them confirm the information that you’re listing on the application. That way, you don’t end up losing a job opportunity due to misinformation on your application form.

Any areas that don’t apply to you should be marked with an “n/a.” That way, you show the person reading over your application that you read the entire application and you did not overlook any of the fields.

Dollar General does require a drug test, because they pride themselves on being a drug-free work zone. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re ready to take a drug test if one is requested. Some Dollar General areas will also do alcohol testing.

Always include skills on your application that you think Dollar General will benefit from. For instance, if you’re able to operate a forklift, you should list that skill on your application. If you’re bilingual, you should list your spoken languages on your application.

Dollar General Advanced Tips

Read up on Dollar General before going into the interview. That way, you can surprise the interviewer with your knowledge of the company. They will know that you take the job opportunity serious enough to inform yourself about the company.

Make sure you present yourself properly when going in for the interview. You only get one chance when it comes to making a good first impression. Therefore, you need to make sure that you greet the interviewer properly and be kind to them. Also, make sure you dress in business casual clothing for the interview.

If you’re a veteran and you get called in for an interview, you should make sure that you inform them that you’re a veteran. They will know that you are a loyal hard-worker that will be able to work well in a team setting, so your chances of landing the job will be increased significantly.

Clean up your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts that you may have. Chances are, your potential employer is going to want to look at these things to see what kind of a person you are. If you have posts or comments that won’t impress a potential employee, you should remove them.

If you have bad credit or you’ve filed bankruptcy in the past, you should inform the interviewer during the course of the interview. Most employers will do a credit check, so it’s best to inform them about your problems upfront.

Dollar General doesn’t discriminate and prides themselves on the fact that they offer equal opportunity employment. Therefore, do not be discouraged when applying at Dollar General. Now is the perfect time to fill out a application and get your career started today.

Dollar General Job Benefits

Dollar General offers the following benefits to full-time employees:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • 401k Retirement Benefits
  • Work Reward Benefits

With health care being something that is now required in the United States, you may find that working for DG is an excellent option. This is a company that respects their employees need for proper health. So, if you want to work for a company that actually cares about its employees, you should submit immediately.

Company Information

Dollar General is famous for being one of the biggest discount stores in the world. They offers name brand products at bare minimum prices, so customers can save more of their hard earned cash.

Dollar General loves to become involved with the community. Therefore, they encourage employees to take part in community-related, such as donating some of their time. They specifically like to encourage employees to partake in reading and literacy programs.

They became part of the “Joining Forces” program which is a program created by the government which will help veterans find employment.

Dollar General currently has over 10,000 active stores.

Upon opening stores in California, they have been able to create over 1,300 jobs in the state alone and they’re currently expanding across California, so more jobs will become available.

In 2011, Dollar General donated $100,000 dollars to the Toys-for-Tots program.

Rick Dreilling is the CEO for Dollar General and he’s also the Chairman of the Board.

Dollar General’s personal mission is to serve the general public. They want to present their customers with both simplicity and low prices whenever visiting their stores. That way, customers are not overwhelmed when visiting a Dollar General location.

Greg A. Sparks is the Executive Vice President. He is in charge of store operations and he has a strong input when it comes to company development and store development.

Get your career started today!