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Food Line Applications

Food Lion Employment Job Application

Food Lion Logo

Food Lion grocery store offers a wide range of employment opportunities in a number of locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states. You can find one of Food Lion’s 1,000 grocery stores all throughout Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia.

The qualifications and eligibility to submit a Food Lion Application are fairly simple and straight forward. While not very popular, Food Lion grocers is an excellent place for young individuals to start earning a wage and for young adults to grow their management career. An applicant must be at least 18 years old and above to apply for a respective position or field of work.

Careers at Food Lion are classified into three divisions.

  • Retail Careers – There are many store employment opportunities spread all over the region that the company offers, with over 70,000 associate brands.
  • Corporate Careers – With the aim of reaching a diverse customer base, Food Lion has a wide variety of opportunities to offer to qualifying applicants in this department.
  • Distribution Center Careers – The company has seven main distribution centers which cover both the distributional and transportation tasks to all of its 70,000 associates. These distributional centers have become good platforms for job seekers and offer a wide range of career opportunities.

Most of the available job opportunities with Food Lion are listed online. Before you submit an employment form be sure to read through the tips and tricks we have provided so you are well prepared.

Within the retail division of the grocery store are the primary job titles that are available for you to apply for:

  • Customer service representative
  • Sales associate
  • Store specialist
  • Assistant store Keeper
  • District manager
  • Security guard
  • Maintenance technician

food lion app form


Working for a grocery store under any department lets one enjoy competitive and comprehensive advantages that includes medical attention, dental, life insurance programs and disabilities.

Take advantage of these employment opportunities by clicking here.

The benefits that one can get from working under the departmental store umbrella include the ability to be under flexible schedules as well as receiving competitive salary in the industry.  Performance-based merits, overtime pay offs, and recognition programs are just some of the other benefits that one could get as part of their compensation and reward programs for working with the company.

The company also boasts itself an inspiring work environment for its employees where they can do the best of their work with the help of the dedicated team.

Why Work for a Supermarket?

  1. Job security
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Retirement Plans
  4. Supermarkets hire and raise from within
  5. Training for employees
  6. Low pressure environment
  7. Interaction with customers and helping them
  8. Experience can lead to more career opportunities

Applying for a job means that you need to get started with you preparation. Among the first things you should do is have a deeper understanding of the organization you are applying to. This will help you grasp what the company is about and how to go about writing a tailored resume and application for that employer.

Direct Competitors

The name Food Lion alone is enough to instill you with a sense of power and reliability. Why, you ask? Well, lions tend to be master hunters and gatherers, if any animal is capable of owning a grocery store, it’s a lion. So, you’ve decided to apply for a position at a grocery store. Very smart, why not make it a genius move though and apply to more places like it? There’s really no reason not to, so let’s start with Family Dollar. A simple business model, but a successful chain and a great place to work. Next up, Walgreens where you find just about one of everything under one roof. Lastly, do not forget to apply to Walmart, as it is one of the best places to work and always accepting new help because they are always growing.

Company Profile

  • Background – Food Lion, LLC was founded in Salisbury, North Carolina in the year 1957. Food Lion is now a subsidiary of the Delhaize Group, which is based in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Number and Outlets – By far, Food Lion is the largest operating supermarket company in the United Sates. It has about 1,300 supermarkets all over the country. Many of these are direct entities; others are through affiliations with various departmental stores. These are popular with names such as Harveys, Bottom Dollar, Reid’s, Bloom and with the actual brand name, Food Lion.
  • Product Line – The product line at Food Lion consists of a range of over 28,000 products. Out of these, about 2,900 are particular brand products titled, ‘Food Lion’.
  • Employees – Food Lion employs approximately 73,000 employees in the country.
  • Locations – Food Lion has its outlets in 11 states in all. These include; South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, Delaware and Maryland.

The Way to Success

The reason behind Food Lion’s success is its principle-based philosophy of providing its customers with a value-ridden experience. The company successfully achieves this experience by presenting quality goods to the customers at amazing prices that are hard to ignore. Food Lion creates an environment for their consumer that is healthy with its specification to cleanliness, friendly customer service, and convenience of locality.

Some of the other factors of why Food Lion sustains its popularity are due to the following:

  • It provides the best quality of products range
  • The stores offer national and regional brand products
  • Quality Assurance
  • Affordable Prices
  • Efficient operating and technical systems
  • Maintaining synchronized databases
  • Attractive architecture and modern interiors

Knowing the success story of a company is important, as it helps you to understand how working for that organization will benefit you.

Why Apply?

One of the questions you are going to ask yourself is why you should apply? This question is important for your career and it should be considered every time you apply for a job. Other than the basic reason being the monetary return, you should be looking for employee benefits.

A lot of people wonder what employee benefits are. Simply put; employee benefits include just not your pay package but also what other paybacks and perks you get out of your job.

Employee Benefits

Some of the benefits you should be thinking about are:

  • Continuous training programs
  • Specialized Certification Programs
  • Active support from the HR
  • Opportunities for promotion
  • Family-like work environment
  • Market-competitive salaries
  • Compensation packages, etc.

Why is it important to know about the employee benefits before applying for the job? This is because it helps you decide which place is best suitable for you to work at.

A place that not only nourishes you, but educates you as well so that you may progress and have a sound salary automatically becomes an employee-magnet.

Their Ideal Employee

Every organization has its values that become the backbone of their work ethics and the uniform character of their associates.

The core values of any organization therefore are such that they become a part and parcel of the employee once they are initiated into the system. More importantly, these principles become the key factors for the company when they are hiring.

Knowing what are these morals that the company so religiously follows is key to planning your Food Lion Application. Some of the foundation principles on which the structure of this organization is built are as follows:

  1. A Work Ethic

Having a work ethic does not just mean that the person does their job and gets it done and over with. In fact it goes beyond that. The term means that the individual does everything in his power to do his job to the best of his abilities and by following the best practices the company sees fit.

  1. Diversity

Food Lion is open to all and everybody in the United States as long as they fit the job criteria. They value and highly respect diversity to an extent that they encourage it in their offices as well at the outlets.

  1. Integrity

Food Lion expects and requires its associates to work with honesty, truthfulness, honor and reliability. All of these stated qualities constitute a character that has its integrity intact and therefore is fair in his dealings with colleagues and customers alike.

  1. Learning

At the company, the employees are required to have a willingness to learn. Only then can an individual learn the ropes of the job and begin his journey upward in the hierarchy of the company. Learning is the stepping-stone to securing any job.

  1. Inclusion

Through diversity, Food Lion is able to put into action the inclusion theory. Keeping this in mind, plenty of ideas can be accumulated with different mindsets. By doing so, ideas can be formulated into new action plans, which can subsequently and eventually result in new and innovative systems and process. This novelty would peak sales and bring popularity to the brand.

  1. Development

Your employment form should include all of these factors including the last but not the least, development. Development is a continuous process and hence cannot be measured in time with days, weeks or even years.

This company focuses a great deal on the development of the organization, its brands and the associates. For this reason, utmost commitment is required. Therefore, when applying at Food Lion for a job you should align your character with these above-mentioned qualities.

How to Fill Out and Submit your Food Lion Employment Form

Food Lion applicants should incorporate these points in their submission:

  • The company website has an application that allows you to fill out the application online.
  • Additionally, as the application has the tool to let you upload your CV or other documents, you can work on these keeping the points discussed above. Remember, your application should be analogous to the company’s motto.
  • Add a cover letter along with the CV. If you do not want to include a cover letter, you could always add a professional summary within the resume, which is usually placed right at the beginning of the CV.
  • Some of the common positions to apply for at Food Lion are that of an associate in the departments, assistant managers or other higher managerial positions.
  • This resource will shed some light on the benefits and opportunities.



Sam’s Club Applications

Sam’s Club Employment Job Application

Sam’s Club Logo

Sam’s Club is a popular shopping center and warehouse club that carries a great selection of products under various categories, such as home and furniture, electronics, baby needs, health and beauty, and sports among many others.

Founded in 1983, this membership-only retail shop is a subsidiary of Walmart and was named after its founder, Sam Walton.

The company boasts of quality and branded merchandise at affordable prices. Aside from its nearly 600 store branches, Sam’s Club can also be accessed online where shoppers can purchase their desired products at the comfort of their own home.

As a member, one can take advantage of the discounts that the company offers on specific products, and will receive monthly updates about hot items and popular deals.

Sam’s Club is big corporate institution that continuously seeks out for talented people who can be a part of their incredible team. If you wish to work for a company that has an impressive history and a proven track record of growth and success, this is the right place to apply. Simply fill out an employment form and get ready to take part in its employment process.

Helpful Information

To be able to continuously provide its customers with great products and remarkable service, Sam’s Club is constantly searching for hardworking individuals who can be a part of its growing team. For Sam’s Club, the people working for it are the ones responsible for the growth and success of the company. And thus, it offers wonderful opportunities for everyone who is willing to share his knowledge and skills to the company.

If you want to be a part of a global team that serves millions of people, the first thing you have to do is fill up Sam’s Club application for employment through its website.

Visit Sam’s Club careers page and look for a position that you’d like to apply for. The long list of available jobs will give you a significant chance of landing a career that suits your qualifications, skills, and work experience.

For your job form to be completely processed, you need to create an account and log in to your profile. By doing so, you can take advantage of the features of its employment form submission system, including storing your profile information, uploading your resume, saving unfinished Gateway Questionnaire, and having access to more jobs available in the company.

Employment Opportunities

Working with Sam’s Club means working for one of the global leaders in wholesale retail merchandise industry. A career opportunity with this company can lead to a bright and successful future as the company promises a working environment that will cultivate your knowledge and skills in merchandise retailing, marketing, and sales.

If you are decided to pursue this line of career, Sam’s Club can give you a work experience that is essential to reach your personal and professional goals in the future. To qualify for a  job here, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Minimum Employment Age

Like most job opportunities in the US, Sam’s Club accepts individuals who are at least 18 years old to work for them. If you pass this minimum age requirement, only then can you submit your employment form..

Hours of Operation

The normal operating hours of Sam’s Club are 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM from Mondays to Saturdays and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM every Sundays.

However, there are some store branches that impose different operating time. To know the schedule of a specific Sam’s Club store, go to its website and identify a specific branch using the “Find a Sam’s Club” tab located at the top portion of the homepage and under the heading “Shopping”. Identify the store branches in your area and find out their respective operating hours.

For holiday schedule and exclusive members’ shopping hours, click here.

Direct Competitors

Sam’s Club was my first experience with a massive wholesale department store of that magnitude. When the place has a bouncer checking your membership at the door, you know it’s nice. A great place to apply to, here are a few others you should apply to. Costco is a very similar setup and has very competitive starting rates and salaries. Walmart is always growing and needs a constantly evolving team that you could easily be a part of. Finally, Target is very accepting of new team members year round. You’ve got your list, so get to applying, and good luck! 

Career Opportunities

Walmart and Sam’s Club operate more than 10,000 retail stores under 69 different banners in 27 countries. This means that both companies serve customers and members about 200 million time per week, and thus requiring employment of about 2.2 million associates worldwide, all of whom are working together to provide the best customer service and care that they can possibly give.

Sam’s Club career opportunities are categorized primarily according to entry level and management positions. The entry level jobs require minimum experience and education but pay at or above minimum wage.

Management or higher level jobs, on the other hand, require specialization, advanced education, and more experience such as job positions for IT, Marketing, Finance, and HR among others.

To know more about Sam’s Club careers, below are some of the positions being offered by the company.

Entry Level Positions

  • Cashier
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Truck Driver
  • Loader
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Administrative Assistant

Mid-Level and Management Positions

  • Store Associate
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacist
  • Optician
  • Competition Associate
  • Development Club Manager
  • Advantage Coordinator
  • Vision Center Manager
  • Planner
  • Pharmacy Market Manager
  • Market Human Resources Manager
  • Fresh Market Associate
  • Fresh Market Manager
  • Customer Financial Services
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Operations Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Properties Manager
  • Security
  • Legal Officer
  • IT Manager
  • Engineering and Planning Manager
  • Market Member Manager
  • Technical Specialist
  • Asset Protection Manager

Employment Information

To ensure that Sam’s Club employs only qualified and competent employees, the company strictly follows a hiring process that will filter candidates according to their skills, knowledge, and work experience.

After submitting your employment form, the Human Resources team of the company shall evaluate your skills and abilities and see if you are a perfect fit for the position you are applying for. A series of interviews and exams may follow as further assessments of your abilities and competencies.

Ahead in the hiring process, potential candidates may be required to complete personality and psychological exams, drug tests, and background check depending on the position being applied for. These are all for the company’s assurance that the candidate they will hire is a good fit, not only for the position, but for the culture and environment of the company.

A comprehensive guideline for requirements and additional tips about Sam’s Club jobs are mentioned below, including compensation package.

Simple Tips

Browse through all available Sam’s Club job positions. Make sure that you apply for a job that matches your skills, knowledge, and work experience. This would give you a higher chance of landing a job with the company.

Carefully read the job description of the position you are applying for. Ask yourself if you are confident in performing the tasks expected from you should you get hired for such position. If there is one or more items that you feel like you could not carry out easily, either you apply for a new position or be ready to exert extra effort in learning these unfamiliar tasks.

After completing your Sam’s Club application online, review all your answers and make sure that all information you typed are accurate.

Additional Tips

Aside from your filled out  form, Sam’s Club might also require you to submit a copy of your latest resume. In this light, make sure that your resume is up to date, has accurate information, and comes with a latest photo of you.

During the process, you may have to fill out a couple of Sam’s Club employment forms. Ensure that you fill them out completely and accurately. Before submitting them to HR, review them once more and see if there is any item that you missed out.

Always arrive on scheduled interviews ahead of time. Wear decent attire and be confident. Make sure that you did a little research about Sam’s Club and the position you are applying for, so you can easily and positively answer the questions being thrown at you.

Look smart and think smart. As they say, first impressions last. So be sure to create a positive and remarkable one.

Know who your contact people are and learn how to properly address them. Create a friendly aura by smiling a lot, asking questions, and giving a firm, confident handshake.

If you are applying for technical positions or jobs that require specializations, prepare creative ideas and strategies that you may want to share to the interviewer. These could be marketing plans, sales strategies, customer rewards program, and the likes. Make sure, however, that they are realistic and not too ambitious.

Most importantly, be yourself. Don’t pretend to know more than you do. Show them who you are and what kind of person will they be working with. If they see that you are a good fit for the position and the working environment, you will definitely not have a hard time getting that dream job at Sam’s Club

Benefits and Income Information

Your Sam’s Club employment form is your initial step in acquiring a rewarding and fulfilling career in one of the leaders in the shopping industry around the world. Not only will you be able to work for one of the most prestigious companies in the country, you also get to enjoy the above-average salary and remuneration packages provided by the company. Among the benefits to look forward to include the following:

  • Various training programs
  • Health and well-being benefits
  • Financial benefits and assistance
  • Open communication
  • Grass Roots Program
  • …and many more!

Take advantage of Sam’s Club career opportunities as they make a great stepping stone for a brighter future ahead of you.

Company Facts

To help you with the process, here are a few facts about the company that can give you an edge over other candidates and can also help you with your interview.

  • Sam’s Club, a division of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT), is the nation’s eighth largest retailer and a leading membership warehouse club across the US and Puerto Rico.
  • According to the latest statistics, the Club has 47 million members in both the US and Puerto Rico.
  • The Club has annual revenue of $56 billion.
  • Members save an average of 33% on items from Sam’s Club compared to traditional retailers
  • The company’s President and CEO is Rosalind “Roz” Brewer, who was named in January 2012.
  • The founder, Sam Walton, is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, and Sam’s Club was his solution for aiding the success of small businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere.
  • Launched in 1983, Sam’s Club very first store was in Midwest City, OK.
  • Sam’s Club lives by the vision to provide simple solutions for businesses, consumers, and families seeking value and quality solutions for everyday life.

If you wish to be a part of this impressive company that will help you create a brighter future, now is the right time to start. Begin your job form submission now and start living your dream!

Ross Applications

Ross Employment Job Application

Ross Logo

If you like to dress for less and earn good money, its time you fill the Ross application now!

Based on the off-price format, Ross Stores, Inc. is the third largest leading apparel departmental store in US. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California the retail store chain came into being in 1982 when six junior department stores were obtained and merged to form Ross Dress for Less.

Today, after nearly three decades, this company operates in 1,112 locations in 33 states of US, the District of Columbia and Guam, making their jobs the most sought after career path in the country. They also owns dd’s Discounts, the chain of apparel and furniture stores.

With its “Dress for Less” trademark, their target market  is comprised of 18- to 54-year-old customers coming from middle-income backgrounds. Thus, the store carries merchandise for men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, accessories and footwear at significantly lower prices than other department and specialty stores.

With a widespread presence of local retail store, vast distribution centers, offices in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and corporate headquarters, there are wonderful career opportunities offered to people from all backgrounds.

Employment Information

If you are eager to steer your career in the right direction, Ross jobs are the best place to start with!

To explore career opportunities offered by this company, you must first create an account on the stores website. Once, you log in with your account, visit the Ross and dd’s Discounts career center to browse through the job openings. Although there is no specific employment form, you can submit your resume on their website, apply online and also receive e-mails regarding new  job openings.

When you visit the career page, at the bottom you will find a list of job families or broad categories for a list of jobs under them. When you select the job category of your choice, you will be redirected to a page consisting of list of job under that category and all related information. With this company penetrating into new markets every day, you can use the MAP to locate a Ross job near you!

Things to Know

Regardless of where you are in your employment career or job search, it is always a good time to land in a new part-time or full-time  job. Whatever skills set you join the company with and wherever you focus your dynamism, you will contribute to the success of a prosperous retail business that is constantly moving up the ladder of success, year-after-year.

This company offers career opportunities are for people of every age and all backgrounds – all you have to do it find the perfect match for your professional ambitions.

Before you start exploring the job opportunities at Ross, here is some vital information about their jobs that will make the process faster and smoother, amplifying your chances of success.

Minimum Age for Employment

As with most jobs in the US, the minimum age to work for this company is 18 years, mainly for entry level jobs. For managerial positions, you might be requires to have greater experience which corresponds to higher age.

Hours of Operation

Ross has fixed working hours which means no late shifts or unexpected calls to work. The department store operates 7 days a week, with a shorter working duration on Sunday. Here are Ross’ hours of operation:

  • Monday – Saturday: 9:30am-9:30pm
  • Sunday: 11:00am-8:00pm

Whether you are a part-time or full-time employee, you will have a wide array of Ross career opportunities to choose from.

Direct Competitors

Ross is the ideal kind of department store. Not too large, filled with interesting items, and great prices. Looking to apply here is smart, because it is a greatly successful, tried and true business. When looking to work somewhere like Ross, consider these other stores that have a similar structure and style. Kohls adopts a slightly larger and more upscale approach, and it works, a great place for you to apply. TJ Maxx is very similar to Ross and represents a great option to apply. Nordstrom resembles other major department stores and has the benefit of being under the radar, which means less competition for you. 

Available Positions

Several part-time and full-time vacancies need to be filled at Ross Dress for Less stores. The department store needs entry-level team members and professional employees alike. The key responsibilities for jobs here largely include sales, customer service, and team-building. Additional employment duties will vary by experience and position.

Career opportunities are categorized into 4 major departments, namely:

Retail Store Careers

A career in the retail department is an exciting yet challenging opportunity to of helping the customers find the best deals available. Whether it’s an hourly or store operations Ross job you are seeking, the retail career offers incredible growth opportunities.

Retail store jobs at  include:

  • Area Supervisor
  • Retail Associate
  • Store Operations
  • Store Protection Specialist
  • Night Stock Associate

Buying and Planning Careers

Another great  career opportunity is with the buying and planning team that ensures that their stores are always stocked with the latest, seasonal merchandise at the lowest possible prices. Team members in the buying and planning department have brilliant career opportunities across stores in New York, Boston and Los Angeles. The team members are responsible for the following roles:

  • Buying Office
  • Merchandise Control

Supply Chain Careers

In the supply chain department,  career opportunities are an amalgamation of maintenance, operations, distribution state-of-the-art technology and creativity. The distribution center  is the hub of all activities, run by people with the passion and enthusiasm of keeping style and savings both moving forward at Ross.

The requirements of a career in supply chain  include teamwork potential, flexibility, flair for competence and eye for precision. The supply chain Ross jobs you can land in are:

  • Distribution
  • Supply Chain

Corporate Careers

The increasing expansion of Ross stores, promising revenues and growing loyal customer base require constant attention and management to keep things moving in the right direction. This direction emerges at the corporate offices where a dedicated team of experts join heads to achieve a common goal. A corporate level career here requires a can-do attitude. If you have that in you, look for a Ross job in the following departments:

  • Allocation
  • Corporate Store Operations
  • Finance
  • General Counsel
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Property Development
  • Strategy
  • Administration
  • Executive Office

This company offers an equal employment opportunity policy company that is committed to be transparent and unbiased during its hiring and employment of every individual. To find the perfect fit, you can narrow down your search for available jobs by entering specific keywords. You can also receive job alerts via email by joining Ross’ Talent Network.

Employment Information

Before you fill the employment form, it is imperative that you have sufficient information about the Ross job you are applying for. This helps you to determine which job matches your career goal, whether you have the necessary skill set for the job and whether you educational background and experience match the job criteria.

An overview of both entry and corporate level  jobs is discussed below. However, the details below only serve as a guideline for specific  career opportunities. Definitive information about each  job will vary according to position and will made available to you as you progress in the job form.

Entry Level Positions

The entry level positions at Ross roughly fall into the retail store and buying and planning career category. The minimum age of employment at entry level is 18 years. The job profile of entry level positions will broadly comprise of sales, customer service, store operations and supervisor.

Pay Scale for Entry Level Jobs

The entry level positions at Ross are paid by the hour but the compensation package is gratifying. Sales associates can earn up to $7.9/hour, front end supervisors make $8-$9/hour, area supervisors can earn $11-$12 and so on.

Management Positions

If you are planning to apply for a managerial position, supply chain and corporate careers form, but are not limited to, the managerial level positions at Ross. Qualifying for and staying in a managerial position would require higher education, advance skills, and greater experience. This in turn translates into better future prospects and a higher compensation package.

Pay Scale for Managerial Level Jobs

Assistant store managers can earn up to $32,000-$49,000 and managers at Ross can expect a salary range from $40,000-$78,000. The salary package can vary according to position, experience, education and job responsibilities.

Helpful Tips

The only place where you can submit a Ross application is on their website. To submit this form, you have to go to the Careers link on their home page.

When you have been directed to the Careers page, you first have to make an account and log in. Then you can either submit your resume or use browse through the job listings according to job family, keyword or location.

When submitting your job form, you must make sure that it is complete and all necessary information is spelled out without grammatical errors. Take your time as you work your way through the process so that you do not overlook any important information.

Qualities often favored in potential candidate include excellent customer service skills to ability to manage and maintain organized store. Reliable, friendly, and motivated workers also exhibit key characteristics of ideal employees. Ross Dress for Less hiring managers use the interview process to test applicants and decide whether they fit suitably with the job requirements and with existing teams of employee.

Being a fashion retail store chain, one of the core criterions for employment at Ross Dress for Less is a good fashion sense. During its hiring process, the hiring managers look for potential candidates who are up-to-date with the current trends and exhibit brand awareness. This means you have to dress to impress for your interview. Candidates with prior experience in the sales or customer service may receive additional preference from the hiring managers.

Depending on the job position, the process can take from 1 to 3 weeks with 3 separate interviews with the store manager, district manager and then HR respectively.

Possible Interview Questions:

  • Why do you want to work with Ross?
  • How adaptable is your schedule?
  • Do you have any prior experience in a sales environment?
  • How would you describe your customer service skills?
  • Tell us about a time you surpassed your manager’s expectations?
  • Describe an incident when a customer came to you with a complex problem and how you handled it?
  • How would you deal with a customer who asks for a discount?
  • Why should Ross hire you?

Employment Benefits

Once your form is successfully complete and you have been accepted for the corresponding job position, you will qualify for a number of benefits offered by Ross including comprehensive on-the-job training, competitive compensation and adjustable scheduling.

  • Discount on store merchandise
  • Health insurance for medical, dental, and vision plans
  • Healthcare and dependent care flexible spending accounts
  • 401(k) retirement benefit plan
  • Disability and life insurance plans
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Pre-paid legal services
  • Access to employee stock purchase program
  • Commuter reimbursement

The work benefits are available to all employees, whether new or old. However, the benefits and reimbursements can vary slightly from role to role, along with the duration of service. The HR team will review the details of your benefits package with you once you are successfully accepted.

Facts about this Company

Apart from a comprehensive employment form and professional and confident attire for your interview, another thing that will contribute greatly to your success is your knowledge about the company. Often the hiring team tests candidates about their dedication to the company. Knowing these quick facts about Ross will give you an edge over other applicants and increase your probability of success.

  • Ross Dress for Less was founded in 1982 as a result of acquisition of six stores by Mervin Morris, founder of the Mervyn’s chain.
  • Ross is Fortune 500 Company.
  • Ross is the 3rd largest off-price retailer in US.
  • Ross also owns dd’s Discounts, a chain of clothing and furniture stores.
  • Ross operates in 1,112 locations in 33 states of US, the District of Columbia and Guam
  • The price of merchandise  is 20% to 60% lower than other industry players.
  • In 1992, sales exceeded the $1 billion mark for the first time.

If you aspire to build or boost your career in the retail market, Ross not provides with progressive employment opportunities, it is also a great place to work at! So if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and join pace with the country’s fastest growing industry player, submit your employment form now!

JCPenney Applications

JCPenney Employment Job Application

JCPenney Logo

If you want to be part of a revolution, join the JCPenney team and help them revise and reinvent the retail rule book!

J.C. Penny Corporation, Inc. was founded by James Cash Penny in 1902. Today the company has evolved into America’s leading retail chain of department stores, based in Texas. With the policy of mid-range pricing, the retail chain has 1,107 stores in 50 US states, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Most JCPenney stores are located in suburban shopping malls and carry men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, accessories, footwear, beauty products, fine and fashion jewelry and home furnishings.

Additionally, stores house a number of leased branded stores like Sephora, Seattle’s Best Coffee, optical centers, portrait studios, salons and jewelry repair. This broadens the horizons of JCPenney career opportunities.

In today’s tight economy and tough job market, some companies have fortunately made it fairly convenient to look for a job. JCPenney is one of those thoughtful companies that have made applying for JCPenney job a simple process. On the website, people can access different JCPenney career opportunities to apply for.

The company also encourages motivated college students to fill a JCPenney application and be part of the most dynamic and inspired retailer of the US. Students can earn some extra holiday cash through the exclusive holiday season jobs.

Employment Information

A JCPenney job gives people the chance to create a meaningful shopping experience for millions of customers. Aspiring individuals must visit the JCPenney careers home to browse career opportunities. From there on, you have the option to explore and choose from a many featured jobs opportunities.

You can either narrow down your search by entering specific keywords to find a job that suits your current or future goals. Or else, there is an extensive list of job categories in all departments ranging from both entry level jobs to managerial level JCPenney career opportunities. Furthermore, you can view jobs in a particular location.

JCPenney provides internships and leader programs for college students to help them be part of a great team and progressive work environment. The company trusts and empowers students for JCPenney jobs in retail, supply chain and even corporate level. Students can find a career opportunity match for their skill and apply for a job by completing an employment form.

To stay informed about the latest JCP career opportunities, you can also join their network and receive emails about upcoming event career opportunities that match your criteria.

Things to Know

JCPenney career opportunities are most suitable for the job seekers on the brink of kick starting their career, but the company equally values individuals with experience looking for a better job opportunity. The company provides training to the less experienced to mould them into future leaders.

As per your experience mentioned on the form, the company will place you in a suitable job from where you can contribute to providing customers with a unique shopping experience and contributing to the success of the retail chain.

Go through this information before you submit – it will help to prepare better for the hiring process.

Minimum Age for Employment

You may fill out the job form only if you are 16 years of age or above. The minimum age of employment at JCPenney is restrict to be 16 and above to ensure that people working at JCPenney have minimum education and are also mature and enthusiastic enough to learn and adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Hours of Operation

The stores are open 7 days a week and the hours of operation depend on the state in which the store is located. The business hours range from 10am to 8pm and differ on weekdays and weekends. Here’s how the store operates:

  • Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm
  • Saturday: 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday: 11am to 6pm

The store has several shifts which make it easier for students as well as housewives or mothers to take up a job. If an employee is willing to work extra hours for some extra cash, JCPenney compensates the extra working hours depending on the type of extra work.

Direct Competitors

Department stores may seem like a dime a dozen, but there are subtle differences between them. JCPenney is one that seems like it has always been around, with one in every mall across the nation. What makes it stand out is the competitive sales and the wide selection. Working here will offer you an opportunity to sell just about anything you can think of. Apply to Macy’s as well, which is a more modern store but still retains the department store feel. Dillards is your classic department store and well worth applying to. Finally, for a spin on the department store feel, apply to Ross and see the difference in prices and selection. Any one of these would make for great careers and are all stable and secure companies. 

Available Positions

Career opportunities are for the part-times and full-time employees alike. Individuals filling out the form can expect to find college jobs especially for students, customer service jobs, store management jobs, IT jobs, marketing jobs, supply chain jobs, salon jobs and Sephora jobs.

College Jobs

JCPenney is taking a bold step to pursue a new mission – to wholly redefine its retail course. This time of progress and advancement is a great opportunity to work with the best people in the industry. JCPenney will strive to train and mentor young minds to become the leaders of tomorrow. Some great career opportunities for college students include:

  • Assistant Buyer Trainee
  • Apparel Design Trainee
  • Emerging Leader Intern
  • Emerging Leader Trainee
  • Business Analyst Trainee; and many more.

Customer Service

Committed to provide the best shopping experience for customer service, JCPenney jobs in this department are for individuals with a friendly and approachable personality who have the willingness to assist customers and are able to deal with customer complaints and queries.

  • Customer Service Associate
  • Footwear Sales Associate
  • Fine Jewelry Sales Associate
  • Customer Assistant
  • Pricing Associate
  • Signing Associate
  • Custom Decorating Installer
  • Customer Care Center Representative

Marketing Jobs

If you are a fashion enthusiast and seek to inform the US about the latest trends and launch great, new brands, a marketing JCPenney job is the best career opportunity for you. The marketing jobs you can land in are:

  • Market Leader Administrative Assistant
  • Marketing Project Manager
  • Publicity Manager
  • Talent Resource Leader
  • Sales Leaders; and others.

Information Technology Jobs

To provide customers with a fast and smooth shopping and after-sales experience, it is no doubt that JCPenney needs the help of a few many tech-savvy individuals for its day to day operations. The IT JCPenney you can find are:

  • Systems Engineer
  • Application Architect
  • IT Field Operations
  • Technical Application Support Anaylyst
  • Front End Developer; and more

Store Management Jobs

To maintain a positive work environment and improve the shopping experience for customers, JCPenney relies on its store managers to keep things in place. High quality customer service is critical for the success of the company. For these promising career opportunities, JCPenney strives to find the most capable and enthusiastic individuals. The store management team would have the following positions:

  • Sales Leader
  • Store Leader
  • Support Leader Expert
  • Store Operations Manager
  • Maintenance Expert
  • Maintenance Specialist
  • Health Safety Leader
  • Loss Prevention Lead Expert; and others

Supply Chain Jobs

For the smooth running of the distribution channel, JCPenney looks for individuals that can form the backbone of the supply chain department. This reliable, hardworking and determined team will include:

  • Supply Chain Supervisor
  • Supply Chain Area Manager
  • Supply Chain Leader

Sephora Jobs

Jobs for Sephora are an exciting opportunity for individuals with a keen eye for cosmetic and other beauty products.

  • Sephora Associate
  • Sephora Products Consultant
  • Sephora Senior Education Consultant
  • Sephora Field Leader
  • Sephora Operations Consultant

Salon Jobs

Salon is a industry leader offering great career opportunities.

  • Salon Leader
  • Salon Front Desk Associate
  • Salon Customer Experience Spec
  • Associate Salon Designer
  • Salon Esthetician
  • Manager – Salon Operations/Systems
  • Salon Massage Therapist
  • Hairstylist

Human Resource

To find the most suitable candidate among all applicants, the human resource department is comprised of a team with the company’s commitment and policy in mind to hire individuals with matching skills and capabilities.

  • Human Resource Leader
  • Field Employee Relations
  • Talent Resource Lead Expert
  • Senior Human Resource Manager
  • Human Resource Senior Admin Assistant

Employment Information

If you have chosen a JCPenney job as your career path, there is some information you must have before your employment form submission. This will help you find a job that matches your educational background and experience. Although every job has an equal opportunity of learning and growth, finding the right job that matches your interest will make work easier and more fun.

A brief criterion of entry level and managerial level jobs is mentioned below. However, this criterion is not a definitive measure – requirements and responsibilities of JCPenney jobs can differ with job position and experience. A comprehensive guideline will be made available when you submit your job form.

Entry Level Positions

College jobs, customer service jobs and Sephora and salon jobs can fall into the category of entry level career opportunities. The minimum age of employment at entry level is 16 years.

Pay Scale for Entry Level Jobs

JCPenney has a rewarding salary package even for entry level jobs, making it an attractive career opportunity for students. Sales associates can expect an hourly salary between $7-$17, CSR can make between $6-$12 and department supervisors can make up to $10-$18 per hour.

Management Positions

If you are filling the JCPenney application for a managerial position, you will be expected to have higher education, advance skills, and greater experience. Managerial level positions come with higher salaries and better benefits.

Pay Scale for Managerial Level Jobs

JCPenney managers usually earn between $25,000 and $80,000 per year, as per the job position and experience. Sales manager can expect a salary range between $39,000-$64,000, department managers between $35,000-$70,000 and higher managerial positions can expect an even higher compensation package.


If you wish to become a team member at JCPenney, you will have to fill out a job form along with a cover letter and updated resume. A well-written CV helps to highlight and convey your strengths and experience the value you can bring to the company. Therefore, make sure your CV is updated and has no grammatical errors – a good impression will increase the chances of successful employment.

Advanced Tips

Qualifying for a job not only requires you to apply but also involves an interview at the store location where you will be joining. JCPenney will look for a candidate with a pleasing personality and good sales and communication skills. Ability and willingness to work as a team and give JCPenney a better shopping environment should be the highlights of your characteristics.

The hiring process involves a combination of online screening, phone interviews, group interviews, panel interviews and 1:1 interviews. For entry-level positions, JCPenney interviews may involve 1:1 interviews or group interviews. Managers might be required to go through multiple interviews, but not more than four.

The number of interviews for stock, loss prevention or custodial positions can vary. Regardless of the job position, most applicants finish the interview process within three to four weeks.

Professional attire, punctuality and confidence benefit all applicants competing for JCPenney jobs.

Employment Benefits

If your employment form is successfully accepted for the applied job, you will qualify for a number of benefits offered by JCPenney depending on the position and job responsibilities.

Day 1 Benefits

JCPenney offers some benefits that are available to part-time and full-time employees immediately.

  • Associate Discount Program
  • Business Travel Accident
  • Commuter Benefit
  • Dependent Eligibility
  • Paid vacation days
  • Paid holidays
  • Sick leaves

Part Time Benefits

  • Part Time Medical
  • Part-time Dental
  • Part-time Term Life
  • Part-time Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Vision Plan
  • Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Hospitalization Insurance

Full Time Benefits

  • Full-time Medical
  • The Limited 4000 Plan
  • Full-time Dental
  • Full-time Disability
  • Full-time Term Life Insurance
  • Full-time Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Spending Accounts
  • Vision Plan
  • Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Hospitalization Insurance


The 401 (k) Savings Plan helps employees to prepare for future.

If you are looking beyond a job for a great learning path and promising career at both entry and management level positions fill your employment form today!

TJ Maxx Applications

TJ Maxx Employment Job Application

TJ Maxx Logo



If you know the art of rifling through racks and getting your hands on the right deal, how about you fill a TJ Maxx application now and help people with your talent!

Designed on the off-price format, TJX Companies, Inc. is the largest leading apparel and home fashion departmental store in US. Headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, the retail store chain came into being in 1976 from the Zayre discount department store chain.

Today, TJ Maxx operates in over 3,000 stores in six countries. With nearly 179,000 associates, these jobs are the most sought after employment opportunities in the country. TJ Maxx operates in 4major divisions: The Marmaxx Group (T.J. Maxx and Marshalls), HomeGoods in the U.S, TJX Canada and TJX Europe.

With its off-price trademark policy, TJ Maxx is committed to offer high quality merchandise at prices 20%-60% lower than specialty stores. The target market for this company is all men, women and children coming from middle-income backgrounds. Thus, the store carries branded merchandise including apparel, accessories, jewelry, domestics and footwear at significantly lower prices.

With a widespread presence of local retail store, TJX Companies in US contribute to 75% of its sales. This means wonderful TJ Maxx career opportunities offered to people from all walks of life.

Employment Information

To explore their career opportunities, you must first create an account on the TJ Maxx website. Once, you log in with your account, visit the career opportunities page to browse through the job openings. If you have a TJ Maxx job matching your interest, download and fill in the TJ Maxx job form.

If you are applying for a position in Massachusetts or Pennsylvania, please click here to download an employment form.

When you visit the career opportunities page to look for a suitable position, you can narrow down your search by using filters – using appropriate keywords for functional area, country, state and department will refine your search to show results that match your interests.

The website’s career tab will also show jobs for college students and military veterans – all the more career opportunities for promising future prospects.

Things to Know

Regardless of whether you are beginning to look for career launch pad or further growth opportunities, new part-time or full-time  jobs can become the platform you have been looking for to excel in your profession.

Whichever department your join at TJ Maxx and whatever skills and abilities you possess, your hard work and determination will contribute to the success of a thriving retail business. Career opportunities at TJ Maxx are available for people of all age and backgrounds – you just have to find the  career opportunity that is the best match for your interest and future prospects.

Mentioned below is some vital information that will guide you through your job form submission process and significantly improve your chances of success.

Minimum Age for Employment

As with most entry level jobs in the US, the minimum age to work for TJ Maxx is 16 years. To fill managerial positions at TJ Maxx, one might be required to have greater experience and higher education.

TJ maxx app form

Hours of Operation

This company has a 12 hour operating schedule between which you can choose working and shift hours that suit you best. The department store operates 7 days a week – the work day starts between 9:30am-11am and between 8pm-9:30pm.
There are several shift options that you can choose from to accommodate your studies or other responsibilities. You can choose from:

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Rotating

Available Positions

TJ Maxx is constantly on the lookout to hire associates for different part-time and full-time vacancies at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods stores. All of their career opportunities will vary by job responsibilities and experience.

TJ Maxx career opportunities are categorized into several different major departments, namely:

Retail Careers

A TJ Maxx job in its retail department is an exciting opportunity for the young and lively who can stay on their toes to provide customers with an exciting and rewarding shopping experience.

Most of the  career opportunities begin at the entry level and then progress towards an advance career; you must choose wisely from the following options when filling out the necessary job form:

  • Store Operations
  • Retail Management
  • Office Services
  • E-Commerce
  • Security Personnel

Buying and Planning Careers

The buying and planning team at TJ Maxx ensures that every store is well-stocked with the latest merchandise and customers can easily find and pick whatever they are looking for. Store planning and organization is an integral part of this  job.

The team members are responsible for the following roles:

  • Planning and Allocation
  • Merchandising/Buying
  • Corporate Merchandise Training Program

Supply Chain Careers

The supply chain TJ Maxx career opportunities are the cornerstone of the success of the company. If you fill an employment form for a career in the supply chain department, you will be expected to exhibit teamwork expertise, flair for competence, flexibility and keen eye for accuracy.

The supply chain TJ Maxx jobs you can land in are:

  • Product Development
  • Distribution Services
  • Supply Chain

Corporate Careers

A corporate career  requires a go-getting attitude. At the corporate level, you must have the skill, aptitude and experience to steer the company in the right direction. You will have a long list of corporate career opportunities to choose from when filling the form.

  • Risk Management/Compliance
  • Administration
  • Property Development/Real Estate
  • Global Sourcing and Procurement
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Logistics
  • Loss Prevention
  • Marketing
  • Executive
  • Finance

Committed to its equal employment opportunity policy, TJ Maxx ensures transparency during its hiring process.

You can also receive updates on new TJ Maxx jobs via email by joining TJ Maxx Talent Community.

Employment Information

To choose the right job while you fill the job form, it is important to know a few things about TJ Maxx jobs. The information will increase your chances of successful consideration for a job with this company.

The overview of the entry and corporate level jobs discussed below serves only as a surface guideline. Definitive requirements will be provided when you fill the TJ Maxx employment form.

Entry Level Positions

The entry level jobs at TJ Maxx roughly fall into the retail store careers and may include some jobs in the buying and planning category. You have to be a minimum of 16 years of age to apply to this company.

Pay Scale for Entry Level Jobs

The entry level positions at TJ Maxx are paid by the hour but the compensation package is rewarding. Sales and retails associates can earn around $6-$10 an hour, cashiers make $8-$9/hour, and coordinators can earn $8-$13 and so on.

Management Positions

A managerial position at TJ Maxx qualifies you for higher salary and better benefits. Eligibility and sustenance in a managerial position would require higher education, greater experience and advance expertise.

Pay Scale for Managerial Level Jobs

Assistant store managers can earn up to $40,000-$60,000 and store managers at TJ Maxx can expect a salary range from $55,000-$88,000. The remuneration package can vary according to job position, experience, education and job profile.
Depending on the job position, the review process can take from 2 to 4 weeks.

Direct Competitors

Department stores like TJ Maxx thrive off of their constant sales and their competitive pricing. Working here is going to give you the experience as both a savvy buyer and seller. Great experience all round, but let’s open your options and your mind. Apply to Shopko, a massively growing chain with great service and big ideas. Apply to Ross to sell products for incredibly low prices and make your customers happy. Finally, apply to Sears to work with one of the largest department store chains selling everything from lawnmowers to big screen televisions. The options are limitless and working in one of these stores will bring you a fun and rewarding experience. 


You have two options to fill and submit the job form. You can either fill out the TJ Maxx job form or opt for the traditional paper job form. Although the online  method has become increasingly popular, both routes are equally acceptable.

If you are filing the TJ Maxx  application, be mindful of the state for which you are applying – there is a separate form for Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island or Pennsylvania. So make sure you fill the correct form. You must download the respective form from the TJ Maxx website, print it clearly in ink and fill in the correct information.

You must be careful about a few things. Firstly, make sure that the employment form is kept neat and tidy. Fill it in with a blue or black pen in legible handwriting and keep the form wrinkle free. Another tip to fill out the paperwork is to ensure that all the information you provide is accurate, without grammatical errors.

You will notice that it asks for some information that is not present on the paper form. Therefore, the employment form will take slightly longer to be filled – about 40 minutes. Take your time as you work your way through the form submission process so that you do not overlook any important information.

Advanced Tips

Being an apparel and home fashion departmental store, TJ Maxx will prefer candidates that have a good fashion sense and are up-to-date with the latest trends. But that’s not enough – applicants have to prove to have a customer-oriented personality and ability to be skilled in their respective fortes.

If you fill a job form for an entry level position, you will have to exhibit a pleasant personality, motivation and dedication to serve the customers and capability to supervise and maintain organized store operations. Applicants with prior experience in the sales or customer service may receive bonus preference from the hiring team.

Possible Interview Questions:

  • Why do you want to work with TJ Maxx?
  • How flexible is your schedule?
  • Do you have any prior experience in a sales position?
  • What does customer service mean to you?
  • What qualities do you have that give you an edge over other candidates?
  • What have you done in the past to meet or exceed customer expectations?
  • Why should TJ Maxx hire you?

Employment Benefits

The TJX Companies, Inc. believe in a work-life balance is significant to the overall success of the associates. In addition to the progressive atmosphere and diverse work environment TJ Maxx offers a number of competitive benefits.

Core Benefits

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Vision Discount Program
  • Vacation, Sick Time, Holidays, and Floating Holidays
  • Personal, Medical and Bereavement Leaves
  • Savings/Profit Sharing 401(k) Plan
  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account
  • Group Auto & Home Insurance
  • Adoption Assistance Program
  • Mortgage Discount Program
  • College Savings Program
  • Scholarship Award Program
  • Store Discounts
  • Referral Bonus
  • Service Awards

Core benefits and amenities vary by location and are determined by eligibility policies.

Additional Corporate Home Office Benefits

  • On-Site Day Care Center
  • On-Site Cafeteria
  • On-Site Shipping Services
  • On-Site Dry Cleaning
  • On-Site Indoor Golf Driving Range
  • On-Site ATM
  • Two On-Site Fitness Centers
  • Fitness Classes Including: Yoga, Spin, Aerobics and Pilates
  • Free Parking
  • Business Casual Attire
  • Career Development Library
  • Affinity Groups
  • Lunchtime Seminars
  • Learning & Development Training Classes
  • In-house Travel Service
  • Convenient to Local Shopping, Restaurants & Entertainment
  • TJX Activities Groups (TAG)
  • Basketball Court
  • Softball and Volleyball Leagues
  • Tuition Assistance Program

Company Facts

Apart from an accurate employment form, professional attire confident personality, you can increase your chances of getting selected for a job if you have good knowledge about the company. Read through these interesting facts and also do your homework about the company’s history and methodology.

  • TJ Maxx is an off-price store, not a discount store.
  • TJ Maxx manages to to offer quality merchandise at affordable price but lowering its operating costs – no carpets, mannequins or fancy fixtures.
  • TJ Companies also owns HomeGoods, Marshalls and Winners.
  • Each of the TJ Maxx and Marshalls’ store receive 10,000 items a week.
  • The store does not offer any sales or coupons, not even on Black Friday.
  • Half of the TJ Maxx customer base is men.
  • The buying team at TJ Maxx travels 40 weeks or more per year to 60 different countries to buy directly from vendors and designers.

If you seek to launch or advance your career in the retail market, TJ Maxx is the country’s fastest growing industry player. So submit your employment form now!

Family Applications Online

Family Dollar Employment Job Application

Family Dollar LogoHaving been in the discount retail business for over half a century, Family Dollar has gained a reputation of being one of the top employers in the country. If you are interested in starting a career with the company, submit your Family Dollar application today.

One of the biggest and most successful discount retailers in the United States today is Family Dollar. Founded in the late 1950’s, this company prides itself in being one of the few retail chains where customers can buy name-brand and quality private brand refrigerated and frozen food items, clothing, assorted household products, and even pet supplies for less than $10 per item.

How to Apply Online

As the company continues to grow, they will always have a need for qualified individuals who can fill a variety of job openings. In order to send in your form online, you must first visit the company’s official website.

From the homepage of the official company website, scroll towards the bottom and click on the careers link. This will take you to the company’s careers page where you can choose to search for jobs in their retail stores, distribution centers or even in their corporate offices. Then it’s time to prepare for the interview.

Once you decide on which career path to take within the company, you can use the search tool to find career opportunities that you could qualify for. If you choose to take up a career in the company’s retail stores, this page will show detailed descriptions of the different Family Dollar careers, from Customer Service Representative all the way up to Vice President.

After you find the career opportunity that you would like to apply for and click the link to it, you will be taken to a page where you can see the corresponding job description as well as the list of qualifications that you must have in order to be considered for the job. On this page, you can click the button to either apply online, or to add the listing to your job cart.

In order to continue or save listings to your job cart, you will need to set up a username and password. If you are applying for a position in management, you can submit your resume by attaching it to the application, by cutting and pasting a copy into an existing file on the site, or by creating a link to your personal professional web page.

If you do not have a prepared resume, but would like to include one with your application for any position in the company, you can use the handy Resume Builder which can be found on the company’s website. However, it is still best to have your updated resume ready before you begin.

Once your application has been completed, submit the online form. After your it has been reviewed and accepted, you will contacted regarding the schedule of your interviews.

You can visit their careers portal by clicking on this link.

Online Information & Hiring Process

Once you have been accepted by the company’s hiring and recruitment team, you will be scheduled for interview. Depending on the position that you are applying for, you may be required to undergo more than just one interview session.

Be sure to arrive on time for your interviews because coming in late can be taken as a sign that you are not genuinely interested in the position that you are applying for. If possible, be at your interviews a few minutes before the appointment so that you still have time to freshen up and look your best during the interview.

How you appear also affects how your interviewers think of you. Be sure to dress appropriately for the job that you are applying for, and if possible, try to make a positive impression on your interviewers.

Use a friendly tone if you interact with any of the store’s employees when you go in for an interview. It is common that one of the store’s employees will be the one to take you to the supervisor or store manager who will be conducting your interview.

After your interview, the employee that walked you back will be asked what their initial thoughts were about your personality and the way you carried yourself, so be sure to keep this in mind.

On your submission form, be sure to include specific examples of times when you were a team player and was able to accomplished a common goal as a team. Then think of another time when you were a team player for your interview. Doing so indicates to your interviewer that the example you included in your application was legitimate.

If one of your goals while working is to move up the ladder and become a member of the management team, be sure to bring this up in your initial interview. You can also ask you interviewer for tips or what steps you would need to take in order to achieve this goal.

On your own time you may also find it beneficial to learn marketing techniques and methods for supervising by taking college classes either in person or online. Doing so gives you an advantage in your efforts to earn a promotion.

During your interview, you will be asked about what you will be bringing to the company or why you are interested in working at Family Dollar. Have these questions in mind before your interview so that you are mentally prepared to give your answer.

After you make it past the interviews, if hired you will be notified of your work schedule. In a few days, you will be reporting for work on your first day with Family Dollar.

Facts about Employment

In order to work for Family Dollar you must be at least 18 years of age. The company is open Monday through Saturday from 8am until 9pm and Sunday from 10am until 8pm.

Positions include customer service representative, sales associate, field specialist, assistant store manager, district manager, security guard, maintenance tech, general warehouse worker, repack stocker, repack order filler, fork-lift operator, bulk order filler and shipping loader.

Job Opportunities

Family Dollar got its start as a discount store in 1959. At the time the founder, Leon Levine, was only 21 years old. His goal was to create a chain of stores which sold customers goods that cost less than two dollars. They has since expanded to 7,100 locations in 45 United States locations. Because of these many locations, Family Dollar has to employee a massive number of people. Currently there are over 45,000 Family Dollar employees.

The products offered at a discounted price include items for the home and other household goods, such as food, furniture, toys and home decorations. A large number of the retail stores also sell clothes. Due to low prices, Family Dollar is a popular place to shop.

In order to be considered for a position with Family Dollar you will need to have computer skills, be able to perform manual labor, possess leadership skills, and have a friendly personality.

The bulk of positions at the retail chain are entry level positions such as cashier, stockers, and sales associates. There are also management positions for hiring employees and supervising the current store employees. Managers also are responsible for maintaining the stores operations. You can access the form options directly by submitting via the Family Dollar career portal, here.

Job Positions and Salary Information

The available positions that Family Dollar is hiring for include both full time and part time staff, and are entry level positions at several of the retail stores. In order to be considered for one of these positions you must complete an online application. The hiring managers are searching for applicants to fill the below job titles:

  • Customer Service Representative – Customer service representatives are responsible for helping customers with their final purchase. In addition to assisting customers they are also responsible for answering questions, operation of cash registers, handling the money and completing any other tasks assigned to them. Customer service representatives normally earn an hourly rate that starts near their states minimum wage.
  • Stock Associate – Stock associates are responsible for keeping the retail store location neat and organized. They are also responsible for cleaning, stocking store merchandise, checking the expiration dates on food and completing other tasks they are assigned. Stock associates earn an hourly wage close to their states minimum wage.
  • Management – The supervisor roles at Family Dollar include store managers and assistant store managers. Managers are in charge of overseeing the daily operations of the store, creating the schedule for employees, hiring new staff and training store and stock associates. The starting yearly salary for a manager is between $20,000 and $40,000. Wage is based on job title, experience and location.

Other positions at Family Dollar include working at the staff distribution warehouse and corporate offices. Warehouse positions job duties include repack stocker, repack order filler, forklift operator and shipping and receiving worker. Positions at the corporate office include office and administrative assistant jobs.


Benefits of working for Family Dollar include having a flexible schedule, earning a competitive pay for working in the retail industry and being paid for job training. Associates that are eligible may also receive additional benefits such as future planning bonuses, health and wellness perks and other benefits.

The future planning benefits provide associates that qualify with 401(k) retirement plans and stock options. Health and wellness benefits provide medical, prescription, dental and vision plans. Other benefits include health risk assessments, dependent care and an employee assistance program.


Working at Family Dollar

The company strongly believes in the absolute power of teamwork. Family Dollar is a Fortune 500 company with revenues of over $7 billion a year whose success can be attributed to the efforts of each and every team member.

The company believes that excellent teamwork can only be achieved by creating a work environment where individuals openly communicate and share ideas about growing as individuals and as a company. By hiring and developing team members who are committed to the ideals of a goal oriented culture Family Dollar firmly establishes itself as a world class organization.

A typical day at many stores consists mostly of customer interaction. Customer Service Representatives assist shoppers in finding the merchandise that they need, and managers take care of any concerns that the customers might have.

If all goes through successfully, you will soon find yourself working for a company that also recognizes that having fun where you work is an essential element in building a winning team.

Family Dollar team members are encouraged to work hard, take pride in their achievements, and have fun doing it while creating the perfect balance between life and work.

As an employee you will also be entitled to a competitive salary and benefits package. There are also plenty of career advancement opportunities for qualified employees.

Direct Competitors

The concept of purchasing something for a single dollar is a business model that you wouldn’t think would work, and yet it does. Applying to Family Dollar is going to bring you a lot of those slices of green paper, but let’s dream bigger. Why not apply to Kmart as well? Sure, not everything is a dollar, but the experience will be invaluable in growing your retail portfolio. And while you’re at it, apply to Dollar General, because there’s more than one dollar store in town. If one takes you in and the other doesn’t, it’s their loss. If you’re really looking to join a massive team, apply to Walmart and kickstart your career today!

Application Reminders

Accuracy of information is very important when applying for a job. Be sure to go over your information provided again before submitting it in order to ensure that your address, telephone number, email address and other pertinent information are entered in correctly.

Feel free to list any specific quality that you might possess which could benefit Family Dollar as a whole. These qualities could include being a team player, or knowing how to speak multiple languages.

Another tip is to always review the information you plan to submit, try waiting for 24 hours before you submit it. Doing so gives you time to mentally review and add any significant information that you may have inadvertently left out.

Also, make sure that you fill out all the blank spaces and don’t leave any blank that pertain to you. If there are certain areas that do not apply to you, fill it with “n/a” in order to assure the recruitment team that you have gone over the whole form and did not miss any part of it.

Keep all information on your resume and on the application form clear and accurate. Any ambiguous details can be detrimental.

About The Company

The first Family Dollar store was opened in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1959 by a 21-year old entrepreneur named Leon Levine. His goal was to open a store that was capable of providing its customers with a variety of items for less than $2.

The concept proved to be a remarkable success as Levine continued to open new stores in other states such as Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia in a span of five years. The company continued to grow, and by 1969, there were already fifty stores in Charlotte, North Carolina alone.

Once Levine was able to start expanding his company, he began creating a standardized floor plan that each store would need to follow. His reason implementing the standardized floor plan was because he wanted shoppers to easily find the merchandise that they were looking for, regardless of which location they were shopping in.

The 1980’s ushered in a decade of aggressive expansions, as the retail chain’s 400th store opened in 1981. A year later, the total number of Family Dollar locations grew to 500, and by 1983 there were already 700 retail stores operating in the United States.

Towards the end of the decade, there were over 1500 Family Dollar retail stores in the country. However, the company’s rate of expansion slowed down a bit comparatively in the 1990’s, where only a thousand new stores were opened.

The company quickly began to expand again at a frantic pace in the 2000’s, with the opening of 3500 new stores in different location across the United States. It was also during this period when the company opened several distribution centers in the following locations:

  • Morehead, Kentucky
  • Maquoketa, Iowa
  • Odessa, Texas
  • Marianna, Florida
  • Rome, New York.

Family Dollar then joined the S&P 500 stock market index in 2001. A year later, the company was named one of the largest publicly companies on the Fortune 500 list.

By August of 2011, there were already more than 7000 Family Dollar stores operating across 44 states, with plans of further expanding the company already in the pipeline.

In 2012, Family Dollar entered into a partnership with well-being improvement company Healthways, which led to a commercial growth that resulted in the opening of more store locations across the country.

Today, the company employs more than 50,000 associates who are assigned to more than 8000 store locations which are spread across 46 states. The company’s headquarters is located in Matthews, North Carolina.


The first Family Dollar store was opened in Charlotte, NC in 1959 by the retail store founder Leon Levine. Leon’s goal was to open a store that provided its customers with a variety of items at a price that was under $2. Once Leon was able to start expanding his store locations, he began creating a floor plan that each store would need to follow.

He did this because he wanted the consumer to be able to find the merchandise they were looking for easily, no matter which Family Dollar location they were shopping at. Ten years later there were over 50 store locations in Charlotte alone. At the present time there are over 6,500 store locations in the US.

Special Services

The merchandise that is carried and sold includes clothes, grocery items, pet food, laundry detergent, household cleaning supplies, and health and beauty goods. The majority of these items are less than $10 with some being under $2.

In addition to these products, Family Dollar also offers Verizon no-contract wireless solutions and phones from T-Mobile, Net 10, Cricket and other prepaid cell devices.

Community Involvement

Family Dollar involves itself in over 6,500 communities. They focus on charitable organizations in order to help improve life by providing the basic needs to those with low-income and low-middle income. The retail store has donated to designated 501© (3) non-profit organizations and does not give grants to just one single charity.

Family dollar doesn’t give funding for fundraising drives, or individual benefits for any organizations that are outside their service area.


Family Dollar’s goal is to have less of an effect on the environment while increasing their sustainability. In 2007, the retail chain worked with Sylvania in order to install low energy lighting in over 1,500 of their store locations.

These new lights were able to cut over $1 million in energy cost and also covered the costs of the project installation in three years. Family Dollar also uses energy management systems in order to cut their energy use across the United States.


In April of 2011 the company announced that they had no plans of expanding internationally. While Family Dollar is an operational public entity, it still has members of the Levine family acting in the corporate office. Leon’s son, Howard R. Levine, is the current company CEO.


Family Dollar has over 30,000 employees nationwide working in their retail stores and distribution warehouses. There are 7,000 franchised locations and the store trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticket symbol FDO.

Business reports for the retail store show that the yearly average for revenue is $7 billion and it also claims that there are more than $400 million in operation income. The headquarters are located in Matthew, NC.

Submit your Family Dollar application today to start your career with the retail store.

Walgreens Application Printable Job Forms

Walgreens Employment Job Application

Walgreens Logo
Walgreens has prided itself on providing room for growth and advancement to all employees. This allows them to offer an excellent atmosphere of support. Walgreens‘ goal for over the past 100 years has been to provide a number of communities with various services that help members of their community be well educated and aware of their health and well-being.

This page focuses on the best tips for completing a Walgreens application and succeeding with your employment career.

In order to being able to provide such services, Walgreens starts right at home by educating their employees. They provide them with access to the appropriate knowledge and tools to help meet their customer’s needs.  In doing so, they are able to enrich many lives.

When you submit an employment form, you will be confident in knowing that you will be participating in a hands-on, fast paced environment which will allow you to work directly with members of the community and public.

Some of the programs at this famous department store participate in yearly include such services as aiding those that have fallen victim to natural disasters, utilizing their outdoor signs to notify the public of severe weather alerts and also providing free health screenings. In addition to these services, they also provide health and educational services.

Entry level positions are available for employment at Walgreens. Entry level positions include cashiers and clerks. You have the opportunity to advance to being a beauty advisor and photo specialist as well. However, to become a pharmacist you will have to complete career training.

Online Employment Form

The Walgreens online form for employment can be found by visiting the careers link on their homepage. Once on the careers link you can utilize the drop-down menu in order to choose the position you would like to apply for. After entering your zip code you will be asked to answer a series of questions. However, you can also pick up a job application from your nearest store location.

You can access the Walgreens online employment form directly by clicking here.

Minimum Employment Age

In order to be a full time employee you must be at least 16 years of age. If you meet the minimum age requirement then you are eligible to submit an application for employment either online or in person at the nearest location.

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation will vary depending on the location. In order to find the hours of operation, you will need to contact your store by phone. Various Walgreens are open 24 hours, however in some cases the pharmacy is not open as long as the actual store. It’s recommended to drop off your paper application during slower business hours.

Entry Level Positions and Income

If chosen for an entry-level position, you more than likely will start your income at minimum wage. Minimum wage income varies by states. Entry level positions include the clerks and cashiers. Other positions, such as a photo specialist, or beauty advisor are also available as advancement positions.

Pharmacists, however, must attend career training before starting their position. The company encourages their employees to seek training and continued education in order to advance their career. They like to hire within the company whenever possible.

Be sure to submit your application today in order to start your career with Walgreens. Prepare for your interview in the meantime with these tips.

Management Positions

One of the perks of working with this company is that they do prefer to hire from within when they are able to do so. Staff is encouraged to train and advance in their positions if they prefer. Positions can also be filled for management from outside the company by completing an application form.

The company is always eager to hire anyone with a dedication to helping the community health wise and will take those individuals into consideration when looking to fill management positions.

Whether you move up from within or are hired from the outside, the company is more than happy to provide the necessary training you will need to be successful.

A Store Team Lead is the lowest managerial position when applying for employment within the management. As a Store Team Lead you are provided the chance to sharpen your leadership capabilities by being given the opportunity to take charge of product returns and pricing. You will also be given the task of opening and closing your stores location when other members of the management team are unavailable to do so.

Another great position is the Retail Management Trainee. After completing necessary training, you will have the chance to move up to executive assistant manager, store manager and then on to being a district manager. The district manager is responsible for overseeing multiple locations.

Walgreens will provide you with all training resources you will need in order to move up in managerial roles and in addition, you are given the opportunity to have the independence to make decisions as acting manager.

The wage for each management position varies, but the average annual salary for a member of the management team is $67,000. Things such as location, experience and the industry can also affect how much salary you would be provided.

Direct Competitors

Walgreens is synonymous with convenience and being open all hours of the night. If you’re going to school or your situation doesn’t allow for late night shifts, consider narrowing down your choices to more focused options. Olive Garden for example has more traditional hours and being a server will bolster your earnings with tips each night you work. If you’re handy, consider Home Depot as an option with plenty of varied items that you wouldn’t see at Walgreens. Finally, check out Old Navy if clothing and fashion are for you. Always remember that your interests drive passion, so work somewhere that allows to unleash that passion for everyone’s benefit. 

Simple Tips for Applying

When you open the Walgreens career page, you will see the job search link on the right-hand side of the web page. This is where you will be able to start your online Walgreens Application.

Once you have clicked on job search the site will ask you to choose the type of career you are applying for. You will need to select if you want a position that is in-store or another position such as a pharmaceutical or distribution. After that selection you will have the ability to choose your more specific position on the right side under a secondary drop down menu.

Additional Tips for Applying

Keep in mind that if you’re applying for any type of management position at Walgreens, you will be asked to upload a copy of your resume and may be asked to complete a more in depth employment form. The items your resume should include are your education, work history and your work goals.

In addition to these items, you should also have your references listed so that Walgreens may contact previous employers. Make sure that you include all current contact information so that Walgreens may contact you for an interview.

It is recommended to also include a cover letter with your resume. If you are unsure of how to complete a cover letter, there are resources online that are easy to use and will even provide you with a template for both your resume and your cover letter.

Once you have completed your resume and application for employment you’re ready to submit your documents and apply for your career at Walgreens.

Employee Benefits

In addition to offering competitive salaries, Walgreens also provides their employees with one of the very best benefits packages for the industry, which allows them to support their staff and the families of their staff.

Part time and full time employees are also able to enjoy such perks as a 15% employee discount, flex pay which assists with paying certain medical expenses, an employee stock purchase, profit sharing, a purchase program, which allows staff to purchase items from vendors set up with Walgreens at discounted rates and career connections, which allows staff to apply for district and corporate level positions.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, full time positions also receive company paid for life insurance, jury duty pay, voluntary life insurance, voluntary accident insurance, funeral leave, holiday time, sick time, paid disability leave and other things like prescription drug coverage, making prescriptions more affordable.

They also provide medical and dental coverage for employees and their dependents.

Should you work for the Walgreens corporate office, you will receive additional benefits such as on-site childcare for children aged six weeks to six years . The child care benefit is available for those working at the Deerfield and Mt. Prospect offices.

Members of the Deerfield staff also receive the benefit of utilizing the Metra Shuttle service, which provides easier commuting. They also have access to an on-site store which allows the Walgreens corporate employees to purchase such items as over the counter medications and Hallmark cards at a discounted rate.

Facts about Walgreens

If you are selected for an interview after submitting your employment request, it will benefit you to read about the company’s history. In doing so, you will impress the interviewer with the fact that you took the time to research the company and you will show your interest.

You will have the ability to talk not just about the retail store but also the entire company. This will also prove that you are not looking just for a job, but a long term career. You can also use this as a chance to discuss how your skill sets will fit in with Walgreens. Below are some key points you should keep in mind:

  • Charles R. Walgreen Sr opened the first drug store in Chicago, Illinois as early as 1901. The first drug store was set on a local corner.
  • Mr. Walgreen had 5 stores opened by 1913 and these stores had such things as a soda fountain and lunch services. By creating his own line of over the counter medications he was able to save his customers money and control the quantity of these medications.
  • Due to the success of their stores, Walgreens was able to open more stores in residential areas in 1923 and even introduced the malted milk shake in 1922. Because of the high demand of the ice cream during that time, they were able to own their own ice cream manufacturing locations.
  • Walgreens expanded to other states which included Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri which gave them a total of 44 stores bringing in 1.2 million dollars in annual sales. In 1930, the company increased to 397 stores located in 87 cities which gave them 4 million in annual sales.

Many people speculated that these expansions and profit were due to bootleg whiskey that Walgreen would keep under the counter. The Great Depression did not affect the stores and by 1934 the company was operating over 601 stores in 30 states.

Mr. Walgreen passed away in 1939 when his son took over the business for him. While his son’s years in charge were profitable, the company didn’t grow in size like it did in previous years. Mr. Walgreen’s son retired in the 1950’s leaving Charles “Cork” R. Walgreen, III in charge of the company. Under his charge Walgreens was able to introduce modern technology like bar code scanning.

As the years went by the company had changes in who was responsible for overseeing it and as of last year the store had expanded to 8,169 locations across all 50 states. Walgreens also now has locations in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam. On March 24, 2011 Walgreens purchased Drugstore.com for $409 million.

Walgreens started up by pairing with Eagle Food Centers or Dominick’s while located in Chicago. Because of this partnership the stores were connected to the grocery stores that had a walk through which allowed customers to access the store from the grocery entrance.

After a while, Walgreens cut ties with Eagle and just had locations in Dominick’s stores. As a part of the 2009 business model, the company started having stand-alone locations on corners which left them facing the busier streets. Many locations include a drive thru pharmacy and over 3,000 locations can fill used ink cartridges from printers.

This year, Walgreens announced that they plan to change the management roles from Store Manager, Executive Manager and Store Team Lead. The new management positions will be Assistant Store Manager-Trainee, Assistant Store Manager and Store Floor Leader position.

By making these changes, the company is able to put into place a new pay scale which resembles that of their competitors and follows industry standards.

In 2002 the senior vice president over the supply chain and logistics put into place a program that allows disabled workers to work with other employees. The result of this program was two distribution centers that were launched with 40% of the staff being disabled. Because this was a successful program, other corporations have followed suit.

As you can see, by submitting your employment form online you will have the potential to work for a company that offers room for growth and provides you with the tools to help the community, as well as many attractive benefits.

Access the online careers center by clicking here.

How to Enhance Your LinkedIn Background Summary in 4 Steps

How to Enhance Your LinkedIn Background Summary in 4 Steps


Gerald Buck

LinkedIn is the largest social networking website for professionals. Everyone from corporate CEOs to college students make up LinkedIn’s community of more than 259 million users. Here we dive into 4 steps on how to enhance your LinkedIn background summary and thus stand out from the competition.

Of all the social media websites on the Internet, LinkedIn is most likely to help you land a job. But that’s only if you have a LinkedIn profile that appeals to business owners, hiring managers and recruiters. You, along with a number of other applicants, blend in with the competition.

Your LinkedIn profile should be treated with the same attention to detail as your resume. There are several benefits of creating a strong LinkedIn profile – the most important benefit being that it could lead to the ideal position you’re looking for in your career.

LinkedIn profiles include the following information:

  • Background Summary

  • Experience

  • Education

  • Recommendations

  • Skills

Although you have the opportunity to include much more on your LinkedIn profile, these are the areas that most users focus on filling in on their profile.

Of all these sections, your Background Summary is arguably the most important. Unfortunately for many (and fortunately for you sitting here reading this), the background summary is often overlooked.

The Background Summary is the first thing most people look at when they view a LinkedIn profile. That makes this space very valuable if you know how to make the most of it. Below you’ll find a few simple ways to you can make yourbackground summary a job lead magnet.

4 Steps to Enhance Your LinkedIn Background Summary

Step 1: Explain your unique skill set quickly and clearly right at the beginning

Where have you built up the most professional experience? In what area does your expertise lie? What can you do exceptionally well?

These questions help you to figure out your unique offering to a company. It’s extremely important that you understand exactly what makes you the best employee for whatever type of position you want. Being able to clearly express this is what will attract an employer or recruiter.

There’s somewhat of an art to this.

Although you should be specific with the attributes that make you the perfect job candidate, it should not be too wordy. Keep it as concise as possible.

Also remember to think of your unique skills and/or attributes in relation to how they will help an employer.

Here’s an example.

If you want a job in customer service, the beginning of your background summary may read something like this: “My capacity for high quality service and conflict resolution – conducted in signature timely and friendly fashion – pacifies even the most irate customers.”

Your background summary should be in first person, so it’s okay to brag a bit about yourself right at the beginning of this section.

Step 2: Make the most of the 2,000 character limit by using strong verbs and quantifiable evidence

First, we should address what’s meant by “strong” verbs.

Strong verbs are action verbs, or dynamic verbs. They detail action(s) taken. The following are examples:

  • organize
  • instruct
  • plan
  • sell
  • create
  • write
  • facilitate
  • resolve

For each example, there is a clear action.

These are the kind of words you need in your background summary. You want to make your capabilities crystal clear for people reading your profile.

Along with using strong verbs, you must be ultra-specific about the results that come from your great work. That’s what it means to provide quantifiable evidence.

Quantifiable evidence is measurable. It’s easy to prove based on past or consistent performance.

That’s what potential employers want to see!

This is an example of quantifiable evidence:

“Over two years’ time as a billing clerk, I upheld a 100% accuracy score for 350+ claims filed daily.”

Quantifiable evidence does not always call for the use of numbers to prove your productivity and skill. Here’s another example:

“Based on my consistency in building rapport with customers, I contributed ideas for updated scripts at the call center manager’s request.”

There are no numbers, but it’s a specific explanation of how talent benefit the company. When you illustrate your value as an employee, you’re more likely to be contacted about job opportunities.

Step 3: Make your background summary easy to read

LinkedIn allows you to use up to 2,000 characters to showcase your professional self. Use all 2,000 characters, but make it easy to read.

You do that by breaking up long paragraphs and using short sentences.

Don’t worry too much about not sounding intelligent or competent enough. That’s where your quantifiable evidence comes in to save you.

Short sentences and paragraphs actually make your background summary more interesting.

If you need an example of short paragraphs and sentences, you’re already looking at it. This article has both.

This article is easier to follow than an article with long, block paragraphs and sentences that never end.

Don’t you agree?

Use the same technique to make your background summary on LinkedIn easy to follow.

Step 4: Finish with a specific request

This is the final step to enhancing the most important section of your professional profile. This is where you get to tell readers what you want from them.

Write your background summary as if the reader is the boss at a company where you’ve always wanted to work.

Right at the end, make your closing statement(s) a command. This is commonly known as a “call-to-action.”

Here is an example:

“If your office is missing a friendly but firm receptionist to handle the busy flow of traffic, email me today at email@address.com.”

If you want a certain type of job, ask for it at the end of your background summary. Then provide your preferred contact information.

That keeps the reader from having to search high and low for a way to get in contact with you… and they’ll want to if you write an attractive background summary.

One last thing. Always mix in your personality when writing all of this for your background summary.

Your LinkedIn profile may initiate the connection, but at the end of the day, it’s YOU who’ll have to attend the interview. It’s YOU who’ll be the new hire trying to figure out how to impress your boss.

But no worries.

If you can put together a great background summary on LinkedIn, you’ve got it in you to perform well on the job. Good luck!

Top Tips on How to Find a Job Using Social Media

Top Tips on How to Find a Job Using Social Media


Gerald Buck

Social Media. 


What are you using it for?


Are you using social media to find an open job? If not, you’re missing out on a market that can help you get employment. Recruiters and employers do check social media to seek employees. In this article you will find valuable tips on how to find a job using social media.


How to Find a Job Using Social Media Networks

They want to see what you are really like, and often times, Facebook will do just that. Your resume and application can go straight to the bottom of the pile, or worse, in the shredder, if they find content they don’t like such as references to illegal drugs, sexual content, spelling and grammatical errors, and/or alcohol consumption.


SEE ALSO: 5 Ways to Avoid an Overwhelming Job Search


You must keep your social media professional no matter what. It’s so easy for a recruiter or employer to look up your name on the Internet to find your social media links. They’ll look through your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to see what you’re posting.

Think before you Tweet, like, share, post, and anything else online. Nothing is temporary. Anyone can take a screenshot of something you did online and use it against you later. It’s just not worth it!

Go through your social media accounts and delete any photos, posts, Tweets, likes, shares, or anything else that contains anything inappropriate: drug or alcohol references, sexual content, and spelling/grammatical errors. It’s tedious, but worth it. It’s time to maximize your profiles to find a job using social media.

A 2013 Jobvite survey found that over three quarters of recruiters and HR professionals reported hiring people through social media. The majority of them used LinkedIn, while some used Facebook or Twitter.

How to Find a Job Using Social Media


Network with The Who? Button

Get your foot in the front door with The Who? Button on Facebook. This app will allow you to see who of your friends are working at or have worked at a company with whom you’re trying to get employed.

Ask your friends about the company such as how to get hired, what they are looking for in an employee for the position that they are hiring for, etc. Then ask your friend for a referral. Referrals can greatly increase your chances of getting an interview and getting hired.


Get the Word Out

You have to let people know you are looking for a job! How are they going to help if they don’t know. Use your social media to let people know what type of job you are seeking and in which location, if you are limited to a specific location.

Link to your resume, which you should have on your website. Even better – create a professional blog to promote yourself in your job search where you can post your resume and more.

Use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to post a message about what type of job you’re looking for. Your networks may not know of any openings right now, but when they hear of something they will let you know. Even better – a hiring manager or recruiter might be on the lookout for someone like you, and you will get a message from them!


Research and Customize

Look up your hiring manager, interviewer and company to do a little research. Read up on them before you send in an application so you can customize your cover letter toward them. Refresh your memory on them again before you go in for your interview.

Having knowledge of the company you’re applying for is impressive. It shows you’re actually into the company not just sending applications anywhere and everywhere.

You need to also find the people in power at the companies you’re applying to work for so you can connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Keep Your Profiles Relevant and Build Your Brand

Who are you? What do you do? What’s your background? Finding a job using social media is much easier when you have all of your relevant data available. List your past jobs, college education, awards, and any other information that will help you get the job you want.

Show off a bit by outlining your strengths and letting future employers know what you can offer their companies.


Network with People in Your Industry

Search for industry-related groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and join them. Post in them and answer other’s questions. This will help you keep up with what’s new in your industry and meet new people that can help you get a job. Twitter has career chats you can join in on to help you meet new people, too.

Finding a job using social media is all about networking with the people you already know and meeting new people with whom to network. Keep your profiles professional, updated, full of good information about your experience, and relevant. Maybe you will be the next person hired from LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Are you currently employed because you found a job through social media? Share your experience in the comments below. 

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Stop! You’re Using LinkedIn Wrong Without This Step

Stop! You’re Using LinkedIn Wrong Without This Step


Gerald Buck




Do you think you have mastered the use of LinkedIn for career advancement and job hunting? Have you been applying for jobs but have not had good results as there have been no interviews coming from it? What could be wrong and how can you fix it? 

The Problem

You can’t fix it if you do not know what is wrong. As a hiring manager, I like the LinkedIn profiles and career resumes and I check them for every job. However if there are major spelling or grammatical mistakes, then I am not interested.



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This is the issue that can get in your way when you are using LinkedIn. It does not have a spell check. As a hiring manager I am looking for these types of errors in order to eliminate your resume from the pile of hundreds that I already have. My first step is not weeding you but weeding you out and obvious spelling errors will do that.

Insuring Your Resume is Error Free

There are a few things you can do to insure that your LinkedIn resume and profile is completely error free.

  • After writing your LinkedIn profile and resume open up your MS Office
  • Now open up MS Word
  • Copy a couple sections at a time of your LinkedIn profile and resume
  • Paste these sections to an empty Word document
  • Run the Word Spelling and Grammar check on those sections.
  • Now copy a couple more sections from your LinkedIn profile and resume
  • Paste these sections to an empty Word document
  • Run the Word Spelling and Grammar check on these sections
  • Repeat until you have covered the entire LinkedIn Profile or Resume

This way you will know that the document has been spelling and grammar checked before you turn it in to a hiring manager. This is a step you do not want to skip. Now you have a clean document ready for submission that won’t be thrown away upon arrival. Now you have at least given yourself a chance to have the hiring manager consider your LinkedIn profile-resume.

What Goes In LinkedIn Profile

While we are discussing it let’s look at what does belong in your LinkedIn profile:

  • Headline
  • Summary of Qualifications/Skills/Certifications/Languages (including computer)
  • Experience including work history and education. Include the industries you have worked in as this is a keyword for most recruiters.
  • Volunteer Experience is invaluable and hiring managers will consider it. So list any appropriate material. You will have to add the category “Volunteer Experience and Causes” from the “Add Sections” tab.
  • Additional Information should include links to your personal web page, if permissible link to your current company, your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts if appropriate.
  • Next you should collect LinkedIn recommendations from people who have been your customers, worked with you or for you. Give recommendations to others and they will reciprocate. However only get recommendations from people you actually know.
  • Turn off your activity broadcasts so recruiters and hiring managers can’t see that you are updating your profile or any other activity such as requesting a recommendation.
  • Use the ‘Apply with Linked In’ button if the companies used it as well.

You can see there are many different things you can do to bolster your LinkedIn profile and make this into a terrific tool for the job hunt. Many candidates prefer to use their LinkedIn profile over their resume because it is usually shorter and well presented.

However, if you are going to use your LinkedIn profile instead of your resume, then you need to make sure you are meeting the criteria of this article and moving your profile information over to a Word document so you can run your spell and grammar check.

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LINKEDIN Tips and Advice

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Leveraging LinkedIn is a critical resource you can use in 2014 to get employed. LinkedIn is teeming with employers, recruiters, and job seekers. Is your LinkedIn profile set up for success? Learn valuable tips that will help get hired!

The Definitive LinkedIn Checklist Guide

LinkedIn is the number one social networking site for professionals and business people. These are the latest stats on LinkedIn (and why you need this LinkedIn checklist): Members – 200 million registered members New Members – 2 new members register every second Company Pages – over 2.6 million Groups – 1 million Hiring – Half […]

How to Enhance Your LinkedIn Background Summary in 4 Steps

LinkedIn is the largest social networking website for professionals. Everyone from corporate CEOs to college students make up LinkedIn’s community of more than 259 million users. Here we dive into 4 steps on how to enhance your LinkedIn background summary and thus stand out from the competition. Of all the social media websites on the […]

12 Ways to Make the Work Week Go Faster

12 Ways to Make the Work Week Go Faster


Gerald Buck

Have you ever experienced the work week feeling like it lasts forever instead of just five days?

Is there any way to make the work week go by faster?

Feeling sluggish at work?

How do we speed up our sense of passing time?

These are all valid and common questions most working professionals ask themselves multiple times throughout the week.

For many people the sense of passing time is about how busy you are or how distracted you are. How about those weeks when you are just dragging, and the week seems to last forever no matter how busy you are?


Watching the Clock



How you experience the passage of time is very much about perception and your response is usually very emotional. People have a tendency to become very emotional in all possible ways except positive when they perceive time to be moving very slowly.


Here are 12 Ways to Make the Work Week Go Faster, or at least seem to.

1. Challenges:

One way to make the work day, and consequently, the work week, to pass more quickly is to find ways to challenge yourself. You can do this by yourself or along with peers in your work environment.


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If you can challenge yourself in the workplace this will provide the mental stimulation you may need to have the days speed by. A lot depends on your workplace and what is or is not allowed.

Don’t become stuck in workplace daily tasks. Instead involve yourself in the more complicated and complex tasks and time will pass quickly. This works well if you really like a mental challenge.

Challenge yourself to take on more than what is expected of you. This will accomplish two things. First, time will fly because you will be busy and mentally stimulated. Second, your boss is likely to notice the possibility of good things opening up for you down the road.

Set up competitions between yourself and any willing coworkers. This works well if you have similar or the same tasks that can be judged by time and quality. Set up some competitions but don’t forget to notify your boss so she knows what’s going on.

Challenge yourself to find ways to learn new skills and improve the ones you have. Time yourself when writing up a report. Try to cut the time by a few minutes every time you do the report.


2. Take Enough Breaks:

Now that you have challenged yourself, give yourself a break. If you continue to do the same thing over and over again it gets tedious and tiring. Time starts to drag on and then one day just drags into the next and soon it feels like the work week lasts for seven or eight days instead of five.

Take at least three breaks a day and don’t spend them at your desk. Do not eat your lunch at your desk. Get away for a real break.

Change your environment when you take your breaks. Go for a walk around the building. Go out to lunch. Have lunch in the break room with friends from other departments.

Do whatever it takes to make those two breaks and lunch a time of renewal. The more repetitious your job is, the more important these breaks in routine are in order to make the work week go faster.


3. Look Forward:

Having the work week go past quickly can be attained by having something to look forward to. Now some might say that just the opposite is true. The more you are looking forward to something down the road, the slower time will seem to pass.

For a few people the latter may be true, but for those that can spend some time during the workday daydreaming about what it is they are looking forward to, well that can have the same effect as taking a break.

Looking forward to something special can break the monotony of a repetitive function.


4. Live in the Moment:

Here we have what might appear to be another contradiction. We tell you to look forward in order to pass time quicker, and now we are telling you that living in the present moment will do the same.

Which one is it? It depends on the person and it might also be that the same person who can use all these techniques at different times. If you are truly present in the moment, those moments pass quickly. Most moments pass too soon when we are authentically engaged with them.


5. Stay Busy:

Be Productive – Stop watching the clock! Clock watchers will always experience time as passing slowly whether in the work environment or at home with family and friends.

If you work a job that has the same repetitive functions every day you need to break up types of work, but you still want to stay as busy as possible between the breaks. If you are lucky, your workday might consist of meetings, report writing, and supply ordering, inventory taking, budget development, assignments, and lots of social interaction.

If you can stay productive, if you can stay focused, then you can keep your eyes off the clock. If you need to plan out your days in order to keep them productive, then it will have been well worth your time to do it.

When you finish one project do your best to move on to the next one without looking at the clock. This is not an easy thing for anyone to do. However, if you succeed time will go by a lot faster. The more you practice this, the easier it will be to forget about glancing at the time.

You might start by trying not to look at the clock until you finished two projects in a row. If you can do this, then you will be able to slowly build it up until you never look at the clock until your breaks and your lunch time.


6. Do What You Love:

This is an important consideration in having the work week fly by. The old adage that time flies when you are having fun is true when you love what you do for a living.

Not everyone gets to love their work in this way. If the opportunity presents itself you should grab it and you will never have to worry about making the work week go faster. It is also just as true if your work is something you think is important – important to you or important to the future of the world… it does not matter.

What matters is the level of emotional involvement you have with the job. The higher the emotional involvement the faster the workday and workweek will go by.


7. Plan to Reward Yourself:

Again this is another form of playing games with yourself to pass the time more quickly. In this version of the game, you spent time planning a setoff rewards for yourself based on completion of your work assignments.

It is important to reward yourself at times and this seems an appropriate time. Develop a series of weekly work tasks and the rewards that would go with them. Keep track of the tasks when you are at work and when you complete them.

Not only does this put a fun focus back on the tasks, at the same time it gives you hope and something to look forward to.


8. Relaxation Techniques:

If you have familiarity with these ideas and techniques, practicing them both at home before and after work, as well as at work will give you tools for passing time when it begins to drag.

There are many different relaxation techniques that you can try. Deep breathing, mediation and visualization are only a few of the possible tools you can use.

These tools can be used at any time because they are quick, adaptable and easy. You can practice deep breathing at the same time that you are typing a report or sitting in a staff meeting.

Use a meditation where you visualize the passage of time. Use clock imagery, or if it suits you better, you can use a larger image of the passage of time. Whatever image works for you is what you should use.

This tool set also includes daydreaming and doing it without others knowing or noticing you are not entirely there. Only choose positive, affirming subjects for your daydreams.


9. Playing with Perception:

The experience of passing time is all about perception. We can use our perception to speed up or slow down how we experience time.

Along the same lines, we have all heard that “a watched pot never boils”.  This is a slowed down perception of time. The more we push for anything to occur the longer it seems to take for that something to happen.

The key to this perception of time passing more quickly is to be calm mentally and realize that it is within your control. If you perceive time moving fast, it will move fast. If you perceive time moving slowly it will move slowly.

If you are desperate about pushing time forward, somehow your perception of it will resist and slow down. That is why the calmer you are, the more pleasant your thoughts, the faster you will perceive time as moving.


10. Let’s Get Physical:

The more physical the activity you are engaged in the more you will perceive time as moving more quickly. This is why you don’t eat lunch at your desk. This is why you want to take a walk outside or around your building on your lunch.

Just like competition, physical activity takes your mind off the clock. Since the entire experience of time is one of mental perception, anything that takes your mind off the clock will speed up the perception of passing time.


11. Nutrition and Sleep:

Take care of yourself. You will be better able to deal with anything that comes up at work if you have slept well and have good nutrition.

We have all had the experience of going to work overtired and how incredibly long that day was. It is very hard to get through that kind of day and we can’t wait to go home and go to sleep.

However the thought of getting home is so overwhelming that it leads to the sensation of time crawling by. So getting good night’s sleep and eating well is very important.


12. Use Technology:

Online timers can help you keep your eyes off of the clock. Set a timer for two to three hours (play with the amount of time) and get to work. Now you don’t need to look at the time or think about it at all. Just wait for the beeping. When the timer goes off take a break or switch tasks.

There are software programs that allow you to only work within a particular program. For example, if I’m working with Microsoft Word, I can select “view”, “full screen reading”, “view options”, and then “allow typing”. This helps eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand.

It is not easy to make the work week go faster, but you can see from these tips that it can be done. Try all of them out and see which ones work best for you.

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Definitive Guide on How to Balance Personal and Work Relationships

Definitive Guide on How to Balance Personal and Work Relationships


Gerald Buck

For so many people in our economic society, it’s very difficult for many to successfully separate their work life from their home life because they take their work with them wherever they go. For these people, there isn’t a personal life, it’s all about the work.

As a frequent writer and blogger, I’m struggling to balance my personal relationships as I write this.


Balancing Personal and Work Relationships



This is certainly not a healthy way to live but it is also very easy to see why it would happen. There is so much pressure put on the typical 9 to 5 today. In conjunction with an almost jobless recovery and far too many people who are seemingly permanently unemployed, the pressure amounts and the evidence is clear.


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More and more people are turning from simply doing their job and leaving work at the office to becoming full-fledged workaholics.

This guide attempts to target the concepts involved with balancing relationships at home and at work.


Efficiency and How to Balance Personal and Work Relationships

There is a real difference between a hard worker and a workaholic: the hard worker knows when to shut off. They know when to go home at the end of the day and stop working, within their head. On the other hand, the workaholic will just keep plugging away with no regard for their family’s plans.

Years and years built on this mindset can lead to chronic issues at home and subsequently at work.

So how does one keep from being swallowed up by their job to the detriment of their personal life? How can you prevent this from happening to you?

  1. Take breaks from your job to spend with your family. Don’t let anything interfere with these breaks. Make this time sacred and mandatory.
  2. Have a “no work night” at least once a week and every member of the family must turn off their phones, and any other devices.
  3. Be proactive about your schedule. Put the downtime right on your schedule and make sure everyone knows about it – your staff, coworkers and bosses.
  4. Schedule your next family night at the end of this one. Do not say we’ll schedule at a later time. That is a downfall of this idea as most people do not schedule later.

If you aren’t already a strong proponent of this,  you should be. If it’s not scheduled, you probably won’t spend it together. At the very least, make a plan and stick to it.


Building Long Term Relationships

In order to effectively build long term relationships, there are a few key points to know and understand.

  • While at work don’t waste time with activities that will use up both your time and energy without impacting your productivity or getting you closer to going home on time. These activities could include too much socializing, using social media at work, or even taking on more work that is not productive.
  • Many people never make the changes needed to balance their work and personal lives because they think it means making major changes to their lives or even that they have to change who they are. This is not true.
  • Small changes can be enough to carve out that special time for your family. Just insist on coming home on time one evening a week. After several months or even 6 months you can add a second evening every week that you get to go home on time.
  • Avoid the trap of saying or feeling that you can’t afford to take an evening off for yourself because it will just cause you more stress. We convince ourselves that if this project is not done by tomorrow, even when it is due in 3 days, the stress we will feel will be too much for us. The truth is, that in the long run if you don’t take time for your family, your friends and yourself, your stress levels will be even higher.
  • Focus entirely on what you have to accomplish in order to leave on time. Make a to do list and cross items off when they are completed. This will keep you focused and motivated to get done on time.
  • If all of these options have been exhausted, you can even seek additional counseling help. An established practice like Urban Balance, can provide valuable insight into promoting a healthy work and life balance. In some shape or form, everyone struggles with balance, but there is help you can greatly benefit from.

Studies have shown that over working is one of the most consistent causes of marriage and relationships breaking up. There is quite often a breakdown in communication among a couple where one person is working all the time.

The first reason for this is that you have no time for communication because you are not together. You are at work and they are at home. If you are really buried in your work then you are not calling them from work either.

It is likely in this scenario that when you do have time to communicate, the frustration and stress that is built up from the lack of time together spills over into arguments and disagreements with each other.

Another reason that over working can damage your relationship is just that stress that builds up from the state of overworking. You can become grumpy and tired. You have your mind on work all the time. You are not exactly the most carefree and enjoyable person to be around.

Your overworking is just as damaging to the relationship at work as it is at home. Maybe you used to go out with colleagues after work and now you don’t because you feel you have to keep working.

Balance between work and play requires a give and take of time and energy, a push – pull contest is always going on. It can be gracefully done or it can be done kicking and screaming. But if you want a balance in your life you will have to find a way to keep that dance going.

The way I balance my work and personal life may look nothing like the way you balance yours. We each have to do it in our own way and there is no right way. One person might find a time management plan that worked for them while another person might find that multitasking to get the work done quicker was the answer for them.

For another person it might be getting rid of clutter so that the work can get done quicker while the next person is making a commitment to take better care of their non-work relationships.

We all know that if there is one thing that relationships need in order to thrive it is time. Time. We also know that the one thing that overworking steals from us is time.

So if you can steal just a little time back from work for yourself you will be a much happier and much healthier person.

What do you do to help balance work and home relationships? Did we miss anything? Please share with us in the comments below.

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How to Successfully Handle Savage Co-Workers

How to Successfully Handle Savage Co-Workers


How to Successfully Handle Savage Co-Workers



It’s Friday afternoon, 6pm is approaching fast and it’s almost time to go home, and then it starts…

Your coworker in the cubicle at the end of the row starts berating the secretary. She is tearing into her with mean and demeaning statements that only show how crazy the coworker is. You listen quietly, wishing the day was over and wondering how to successfully handle savage co-workers.


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As you sit listening to this tirade, afraid to move lest she turn on you it becomes clear to you just how much damage one bad attitude, one savage co-worker can do to an entire department. The morale in your department was lower than at any time you could remember in the last ten years and it was because of this co-worker and a boss who wouldn’t deal with the problem. 

So what should you do to help the situation especially if your boss was not going to? There seem to be a couple schools of thought on how to successfully handle savage co-workers. One is to deal aggressively and assertively with the situation and the other is to attempt to be very positive and handle it out of respect for the co-worker as well as yourself.

Co-Worker Assessment

The first thing to do is assess the situation and decide if there is any way in which you are enabling the behavior- perhaps by not confronting it sooner or not confronting your boss about it. It is easy to stay in your cubicle and try to ignore it, but by doing so we are all reinforcing her abuse of whoever happens to be in her sightline at the time. By doing nothing you are saying it is ok to treat us this way. So it is best to confront it.

In so doing there are some tips that could help you along the way to knowing how to successfully handle savage co-workers. To begin with stay calm and don’t lose your sense of self. Don’t get dragged into her state of mind. Be patient and calm as you consider confronting the situation.

  1. Try to see things from her point of view in the sense of accepting her flaws and attempting to heal your relationship. We all have flaws. Try to see why she is so angry all the time.
  2. As we said have a positive attitude even if you have to be confrontational. Do not lash out at your co-worker. That will only result in a full blown screaming match that will not solve the problem. Remain calm and positive. The more tactful you are the greater impression you will make with other co-workers and your boss.
  3. Try to find out what the real issue is. Keep an open mind as this is a key tool in any conflict resolution.
  4. Have a plan before you confront. Maybe you should ask to work with her on a project and develop camaraderie. If you work together you might be able to find out what the real issue is. Try to anticipate all the issues you might run into. Offer to help her with projects she might be struggling with but be careful not to be condescending or make her feel you think she is not doing her job.
  5. Don’t get drawn in to her negative behavior and arguments. Also don’t talk about the situation with any coworkers other than your boss.
  6. Be discreet throughout the process of trying to successfully handle savage co-workers and don’t allow her to drag anyone else into the situation and you should refrain from doing the same. Don’t bring the problem up in meetings or discuss with any others. If you are caught complaining about her it could reflect badly on you.
  7. Decide whether or not to involve your boss especially since he refused to deal with the situation in the beginning. Before you bring him in make sure you have tried everything to work out the confrontations yourself. Do your best to negotiate a truce. If you can’t successfully handle savage co-workers you will have to bring your boss into the situation. You have the benefit of having tried to fix it yourself to share with him.  Now you need his expertise and advice. He should be able to see that you have been mature and appropriate in confronting the situation.

Sometimes you can do all of this and still fail because the co-worker has no interest in solving the problem, being less aggressively confrontational or getting along with anyone. She also has no interest in discussing the reasons for her behavior with you or anyone else in the office.

It may be that in the end the situation MUST be resolved by your boss and there would be a good chance that it could only be resolved with her termination. We would all hope this was not the result.

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6 Differences Positive Energy Makes in the Workplace (You’ll Never Guess #6)

6 Differences Positive Energy Makes in the Workplace (You’ll Never Guess #6)

Positive Energy in the Workplace


Overlooking how much of an impact positive energy can bring to your life is a HUGE mistake.

Whether it be in the workplace, at home with family or out with friends, a captivating positive energy can make all the difference in someones life.

The last ten years have been tough times in the workplace. With all the uncertainty in the economy the need for positive energy in the work environment has been very clear. It is far too easy to slip into negativism, criticism and depression when we see our friends and coworkers being laid off or downsized. Are there any differences positive energy makes in the workplace under these circumstances?


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It’s too easy to get down when you see your neighbors packing up because they lost their house. The best thing you can do for yourself and your coworkers is to develop and maintain a positive energy level in your office.

As a leader your energy can have an immense effect on your staff and your office place. Your energy has that kind of power. How you contribute to your office environment is vital. It is even more important at times than what you contribute to your office environments. You need to consider how your energy contributes to the success of a meeting, a presentation or the entire workday in your office.

This is important because though we are in control of how we exhibit or project our own energy as positive or negative, we are not in control of how we are affected by other people’s negative energy. However, according to the National Seminars Training you can learn to combat negative energy and inject positive energy into your environment.

Here are some of the real life differences positive energy makes in the workplace.

  1. Reduces Stress: The environment in the workplace seems inherently stressful under the current circumstances. However, you control your own perception and energy flow so that you can change your perception to a positive one and in so doing eliminate the stress for yourself. Your positive energy will wear off on the others in your workplace and the stress level of the entire workplace will be reduced.
  2. Energy: Improving the energy in your office will improve your relationship with your customers and the amount of sales you and your team make. This may sound like a myth or wishful thinking but it is in fact a true statement. Customers like everyone else want to be around the positive energy, not negative. Research shows that positive thinking can result in abundance in all areas of life. (Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill)
  3. Positivity: Help your coworkers and your staff to have a more positive attitude. Your positive energy is contagious and will spill over to your staff. At the same time you don’t have to be a supervisor or manager for your positive energy to have an impact on those around you in the work environment. If you stay focused on the positive and continue to steer others and every conversation to the positive, your energy will infect the workplace with a spirit of positivity. Soon you will find yourself at the center of the workplace because the other workers will be drawn to your positive energy. Soon these employees will begin to infect others with their positive energy and it will spread throughout the workplace.
  4. Motivate: Improve the motivation and accomplishments of your coworkers and yourself, as well as anyone you might supervise. Now you might think this is the same as number 3 but it is not. Number 3 relates to the type and level of energy being spread throughout the office, not to the motivation. Here we are talking about how your positive energy can cause others to be motivated to succeed in their endeavors and in the challenges they face in the workplace. If you face your workplace challenges with positive energy that will not seem insurmountable.
  5. Productivity: Productivity increases and sick time decreases. This is one of the benefits of positive energy that management just loves when they believe in it. When stress is reduced there are a lot of positive benefits and this is just one of them. As the positive energy flows through the workplace more and more employees will be infected with it. A positive spirit will capture the environment and everyone will feel better and there will be less sick days.
  6. Happiness: You will find yourself in a happy workplace! How do you go from all the negativity surrounding the economy to a happy workplace? The answer is spreading positive energy. The more positive the environment becomes, the more happiness there will be in it. Just imagine wanting to get up in the morning and being excited about going to work! Oh alright – at least be happy about going to work! This one of the differences positive energy makes in the workplace really surprises most people. Most people can get improved motivation, productivity, attitude and stress reduction, but happiness??? We think we need things to make us happy not energy. But the truth is if you spread positive energy throughout your work environment, people will be happy!


What sort of impact has positive energy played in your life? Share your life experiences in the comments below!

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12 Ways to Make the Work Week Go Faster

Have you ever experienced the work week feeling like it lasts forever instead of just five days? Is there any way to make the work week go by faster? Feeling sluggish at work? How do we speed up our sense of passing time? These are all valid and common questions most working professionals ask themselves […]

The Top 4 Industries Where Millennials Want to Work

Millennials are the generation born between 1980 and 1995. This group composes the future of the American workforce. They are the ones filling in the shoes left vacant by retiring Baby Boomers. Companies are striving (or struggling) to understand the attitudes, interests, work ethic, needs and wants of this revolutionary and success-oriented group of individuals. […]

The Current State of Unemployment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that there are over 13 million Americans unemployed right now? Were you aware that 4 out of every 5 American adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty, or reliance on welfare for at least part of their lives? Even more alarming, it’s projected that by 2030, based on the current trend of income inequality, […]


Category Archives: At Work

Looking to be a super hero at work? These articles cover topics ranging from how to be more efficient at work to tips and tricks on how to handle work relationship professionally. Stand out in the office with our At Work section.

Walmart Job Interview Tips

Start a Career by Acing Your Walmart Job Interview

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve been to Walmart before. Everyone has, but not everyone has had a job with them before. I’m here to give you some valuable Walmart job interview tips that can help you blow away the interviewer and get that job you want!

The first step in this kind of job search is to learn as much as you can about Walmart. That knowledge can be organically worked into your interview and show the hiring manager that you’ve done the legwork to know the company and understand their goals.

We’ll also give you some insight into how the hiring process works with Walmart, and help you plan out your answers to some of the tougher questions. Let’s do this!

walmart logo

Understanding Walmart’s Interview Practices

With over 2 million employees and a plethora of locations across the globe, Walmart is always in need of great talent. The hiring process here is fast and furious. You will usually have a definitive answer with three days or less.

The company uses both one-on-one and group style interviews to screen candidates. In both formats the main topic of discussion is going to be the company’s culture, job duties, and proper procedures in various scenarios.

Walmart is also known for a unique “board game” interview format. In this style, the candidates play in groups and move through spaces on a board. They pick up cards with questions on them which they must ask another candidate to answer.

No matter which format is used in your interview, you can expect to talk about the personal information provided on your application in addition to your availability and your previous experience.

Example Interview Questions and Answers

To round out our Walmart job interview tips, here are some questions you can expect and a quick example answer to help you understand what the interviewer is looking for:

1. What is Your Availability?

1a. Example Answer: “Well, I want to be as open as possible to work when the store needs me. These are the days I can work (list them out) and I’m free to work on weekends and nights.” (This part is important so be as open as possible.)

2. What would you do if a customer asked you for a discount?

2a. Example Answer: “I would find out why the customer is asking for a lower price first. Then I would look to see if there are any coupons for that item. If the product packaging is damaged I will call a supervisor over to assess the situation.”

These answers should help you better understand how to field some of the tougher retail interview questions. Best of luck to you!

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Walgreens Job Interview Tips

Walgreens Job Interview Tips: Questions and Answers

There aren’t many companies around these days that had humble roots and continued to stick to those values as they grew and expanded. Lucky for you, Walgreens still feels like that corner drug store it used to be years ago, albeit with newer technology.

Demand for new workers and the availability of positions will always be a factor, but with our Walgreens job interview tips, you’ll find yourself on the path to a successful career with this humble and fun company.

Let’s exmaine the method by which they interview and hire candidates. Then we’ll look at some possible questions and how to best answer them.


Getting Hired at Walgreens

The process of getting hired at Walgreens can take up to two months in some cases. Don’t let that discourage you, that’s not in every case. Once you’ve finished applying, the company will reach out to you if they see something they like in your resume or your skills.

While the maximum time is around two months, some associates were hired mere days after appying so it really depends on the situation and the need for new employees. The hiring process is broken down into three distinct steps:

1. The phone call

We all know that feeling of anxiousness when you’re waiting for the call, but if you read up on how to best apply for the company, you’ll have no reason to worry. The first step is very simple, you’ll just answer the call and agree on a scheduled time for the interview.

2. The Assessment

Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. You will complete a simple assessment to judge your skills and abilities either online or in-person. These tests usually measure basic math skills and behavioral and moral characteristics. It usually takes up to an hour to complete these simple examinations.

3. The Interview

If you’re going into an interview for an entry-level position with Walgreens, you can expect to have about two different interview sessions before you are given a final decision on your hiring status.

Job Interview Questions & Answers

Below are some potential questions you may hear during the course of your interview. There are also some example answers to help you formulate your plan of attack. A great interview is marked by a lack of silence, you should never lose your train of thought.

  • Why are you the best person for this position? (Explain your qualifications and personality)
  • Do you have experience in customer service? (If yes, explain, if not, talk about volunteer or extra curricular work)
  • How do you deal with intense and stressful situations? (Remain calm, stay focused)
  • How flexible is your schedule? (Be as open as possible. Nights and weekends in particular)

These Walgreens job interview tips are sure to give you an edge over the competition! Best of luck!

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CVS Health Job Interview Tips

How to Prepare for Your CVS Health Job Interview

Everyone likes being healthy, but personal health has become a major focus in recent memory. With healthcare becoming more attainable and baby boomers growing long in the tooth, it’s high time we started thinking about being healthier people overall.

With a recent name change, CVS Health has embraced this new focus with open arms. You can join them in this new health crusade by applying and checking out the forthcoming CVS Health job interview tips to prepare yourself in the best way possible. For example, one thing you could mention in the interview is your support of the company’s decision to no longer sell tobacco products, despite the profit losses they will incur.

You can’t be a health store and pharmacy and still sell cigarettes if you want to produce the right image after all. Let’s talk about the company’s hiring practices and give you some quick tips for your big interview.

CVS Health

CVS Health Hiring Practices

Since the company has plenty of locations, there are always openings for individuals looking to start a career with CVS Health. The company tends to use in-person interviews between candidates and hiring managers. These one-on-one scenarios only last about twenty to thirty minutes.

The company isn’t interested in trying to confuse you with trick questions, most of them are straightforward and simple to answer. Ultimately the process is meant to evaluate your personality and prior experience in retail or related fields. In some cases, a short phone interview will be used to screen you before you are invited in for an official face-to-face one.

The company is looking for individuals with great customer service skills or potential. In your interview, focus on things that set you apart. Even if you don’t have previous job experience, good grades in school and extra curricular activities will set you apart from the competition.

Example Questions and Necessary Preparations

As with any interview, it’s best to prepare accordingly beforehand. You should be ready for a phone interview in case they decided to screen you beforehand. For the phone call, make sure you have a quiet place to conduct the interview if they decide to contact you that way.

Preparing for the actual interview should entail doing research on the company and choosing the proper professional attire. You should also prepare by knowing which questions to expect:

  • Why do you want to work for CVS Health?
  • What characteristics do you think are ideal in an employee?
  • Tell me three strengths and weaknesses you have.
  • Do you have any prior experience in sales or customer service?

These CVS Health job interview tips will help you enter the hiring process with plenty of confidence and readiness to start your career!

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Subway Job Interview Tips

Becoming a Sandwich Artist: Acing your Subway Job Interview

Subway’s employees, also known as Sandwich Artists, are the epitome of great food in little time. They create the perfect sandwich to your specifications and send you on your way well before that lunch break is over. If this sounds like something you want to do, odds are you’ve probably already applied for a position with Subway and done your research.

Now it’s time to prepare for the upcoming interview. You may be nervous, but our Subway job interview tips will help alleviate those feelings and make you confident in your ability to go in there and ace that interview. We’ll talk about the company’s hiring process and give you some insight into the questions you’ll be answering.

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Subway’s Interview Process

Like the sandwiches they make, the process by which Subway interviews and hires new employees is fast and efficient. Once you’ve applied, it’s usually a matter of days before you’ll receive a call about your potential interview. The entire hiring process is also very quick; you should know if you have the job or not within a week or two at the most.

These are just averages, in some cases you can expect a call within 12 hours of submitting your application, or less. So, time is clearly of the essence here. How does Subway run one of these fast-paced interviews you ask? It’s usually conducted in a one-on-one setting with the the actual questioning lasting anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.

In most cases the company seeks to put the applicants through a single interview but in some cases a second interview will be conducted. The most important aspects that a hiring manager is looking for in a candidate include their employment history, their job skills, personality traits, and other elements of great customer service.

Let’s examine some typical interview questions so you can best prepare yourself for the upcoming interview.

Questions to Expect, Answers to Give

Here are some example questions and potential answers to help you better understand the interview process and what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate.

1. What does the name “Sandwich Artist” mean to you?

Example answer: “To me, a Sandwich Artist is someone who takes a customer’s preferences and brings it to life in the same way an artist brings a painting or a sculpture to life based on their own thoughts.”

2. Can you work quickly and efficiently in an assembly line setting?

Example answer: “I have a fast and focused work ethic that will help me work incredibly fast in this type of setting. In addition my experience in (reference relevant experience if you have it) helped me build this type of skill.

With those example questions and answers our Subway job interview tips are complete. Keep answers like those in mind and be ready because they tend to hire fast.

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Home Depot Job Interview Tips

How to Prepare for Your Home Depot Job Interview

I can craft just about anything with words, but if you ask me to build something with my bare hands using things like lumber, steel, and PVC pipe, there’s no way it’s going to happen. I’m not “handy” as it were, but you are! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, and since you’ve applied to Home Depot you’re clearly the guy or the gal for the job.

Now it’s time to prepare for by reading through these Home Depot job interview tips. With these in hand, you’ll have no problems acing the interview and scoring a position with the company. We’ll give you insight into the hiring process and show you some potential questions to expect.

home depot logo

Getting Hired at The Home Depot

Home Depot is looking for people who are very knowledgeable about the home improvement industry. The company prides itself in customer service through extremely helpful employees. Respect, diligence, and integrity are all major character traits that the company looks for in its employees.

Home Depot uses a structured method of evaluating candidates. It begins with a phone interview so let’s discuss that first. This type of call will be a quick chance for the hiring manager to get some basic information about you. When the call comes in, be sure that you’re in a quiet place with zero distractions so you can give the caller your undivided attention.

During the call make sure that you don’t interrupt them and answer each question as briefly and accurately as possible. The real interview leaves you time to go into more detail but this is more of a quick screening so keep that in mind.

The next step is an in-person interview where you are asked questions that go into more detail about your past experience and work ethic. This is your opportunity to really make yourself shine and showcase all of the positive qualities you possess that the company is looking for in the people they hire.

These in-person interviews are one-on-one and there are usually three to four of them with various leadership in the store and in some cases with district managers depending on the position. Let’s take a look at some possible questions you may encounter

Possible Questions During Your Interview

It’s always nice to know what to expect when you go into a job interview. Knowing more about the company is also a great strategy. Here are some questions to expect:

  • What experience do you have around home improvement and power tools?
  • How would you explain something complex to a customer who has little to no home improvement experience?
  • Do you shop at Home Depot yourself?
  • How would you improve the store?

Take this Home Depot job interview tips and go into your interview with confidence.

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Old Navy Job Interview Tips

Your Old Navy Job Interview: Tips and Example Questions

Since Old Navy is owned by The Gap Inc, this is a slice of the proverbial pie that makes up a huge clothing and fashion company. Once you’ve learned how to apply in person or online, it’s time to brush up on some Old Navy job interview tips to prepare you for your big day.

This ever growing company is always looking for fresh faces to fill the ranks, and if the needs are dire, you could be in the hot seat before you can say buy one get one 50% off. What I’m trying to say is that there’s no time to waste, so let’s find out how they do their hiring and what questions to be ready for!

Old Navy logo

Hiring and Interview Processes at Old Navy

The usual process for Old Navy’s hiring is to conduct one-on-one interviews with potential employees. There are also group interview formats used in certain cases. You will most likely be interviewed by someone from the Human Resources department or the store manager.

In the case of group interviews, you will usually hear information about the company’s history and culture before personally introducing yourself. Various games will be played to allow the candidates opportunities to shine and showcase their teamwork to the hiring staff.

If the group interview goes well, you will mostly likely be called later that day to schedule a more personal interview. Usually there are one of these before the decision is made but in some cases you will go through more subsequent interviews before being hired.

The kind of people that Old Navy is looking for in these interviews, or “auditions” as they are sometimes called, is someone with a lot of energy and personality. You should be able to speak freely and energetically to your hiring official for maximum success in the interview. Let’s take a look at some potential interview questions next.

Interview Questions to Expect

Since Old Navy is focused on finding and hiring personable individuals, the common questions revolve around finding this potential within you. Here are some you can expect to hear:

  • Can you describe to me a time when you had to use your personal strengths to overcome a challenge?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What inspires you?
  • How is Old Navy different to you than other stores?
  • How would you build customer loyalty?

These are are possible questions so keep them in mind, along with the rest of these Old Navy job interview tips for maximum success!

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Lowe’s Job Interview

Building a Career: Your Lowe’s Job Interview Guide

Hardware is not my forte, and I’m okay to admit that. Those who possess this special skill however are among the elite in my opinion. Show off your abilities and use them to build a career by checking out these Lowe’s job interview tips I have in store for you!

Customer service is the name of the game here, and since many people don’t know a single thing about hardware (like myself) there’s plenty of people who are going to need your help. Let’s take a look at the company’s hiring process and interview questions to help you prepare. This is of course assuming that you’ve already applied to Lowe’s. If you haven’t now is the time, we can wait.

Lowe's Logo

The Highs and Lowe’s of Starting this Career

There’s really no downside to working here, i just wanted an excuse to use that pun. So, let’s talk about the way this company garners new talent. They didn’t get to 160,000 employees and 1,700+ locations by just picking up any random person from off the street after all.

There are opportunities for seasonal, part and full-time positions to meet the needs of any job seekers. There are two sections of the Lowe’s hiring process:

1. The Interview

The first step is a classic one-on-one job interview. During this you will be answering questions posed to you by the store manager of the location you wish to work at. It will start with some basic questions, then move into more complex ones. You’ll want to be on your toes, so be sure to get a good night’s sleep prior to the interview and practice with some of our example questions below.

2. The Details

Once you’ve passed the interview, the next step is to start the administrative and legal aspects of being hired. This includes background checks, personality evaluations, drug tests, and a physical. After all of this, you will have your orientation and move into your new career!

Possible Questions

Here are some potential questions you can use as practice. These Lowe’s job interview tips are sure to land you that position you want and deserve. Just remember to dress professionally and show up a few minutes early. Here’s some possible questions:

  • What defines good customer service?
  • What do you know about hardware and home improvement?
  • Why do you want to work for Lowe’s?
  • Tell me about a time you went above and beyond the expectations.
  • What would you do if you found out someone on the staff was stealing?

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